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Tutorial : Sweet Cupcakes

Wohoo, another tutorial! This afternoon I was working on the Photoshop and with the help of Photoscape, doing this time's tutorial. So today we're going to learn how to draw some cute little cupcakes on your pretty nails, in an easy way. Of course before heading to the step by steps, let's look at the list of some equipment we're going to need on this time's nail art :

(1) Nail polish, of course. You may use any color you like, the more the better.
(2) Small brush to draw, dotting tools (bigger and smaller ones)
(3) Heart shaped nail stickers (optional)

Now that we had already known the tools to use, let's just get started!

Drawing time : 1 to 1.5 hours.
1. Put on your base color. I prefer softer colors.
2. Get a color that you wanted to use as the cup's color and paint until it covers half of your nails.
3. Get a brighter color than the color that you used on the second step and by using drawing brush (or striper) draw some lines (stripes) on the top of the color before.
4. Use your dotting tool (big one) to make dots according to the picture with a white polish.
5. Now take your drawing brush and draw the pattern just like the picture above (for the cream).
6. Easy step. You just need to fill the rest of the filling with your white polish.
7. Take out your smaller dotting tools and make the sprinkles with some bright colors.
8. Use your heart shaped nail sticker at the top of your cupcakes, or if you don't have it, be creative! You can simply grab out your brush and draw the heart yourself :)

Told ya it was easy! I promised doing this will be so much fun as long as you are patient enough hehe. And to close this post here are some tips that I would like to share with you :
1. Don't forget base and top coat. Those two things are necessary.
2. Play with colors. It is okay to paint the same thing on your each nail, but if you can make it more colorful and beautiful, why not, right?
3. Have fun! That is the most important thing in doing this kind of thing ;)

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