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All I Want For Christmas Is This, And This, Oh And This Also

Here comes my greedy list, the things that I want need for this Christmas
  1. New Agenda. New year's coming and I do believe this thing is a must-have. I found it really hard to find the agenda that suits me, but when I really do, it came to be really expensive. This treasure (as what Taobao would call it LOL) was from Monopoly (a Korean brand, I guess?) and I think this is just so cute.
  2. Charles & Keith's flats. I am also considering about getting a loafer instead.
  3. You're gonna cry if you take a look at my current wallet. It was a 30 Yuan priced wallet that I bought from Gui Hua Gang LOL and I've been using it for more than 2 years. So, I really need a new wallet. This one also comes from Charles and Keith.
  4. Don't you think this is just gorgeous? I found this galaxy printed backpack from Jansport. I guess I need this because my old backpacks, well I am just bored with them LOL.
  5. Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. I found my O.P.I Top Coat quite disappointing, so I am thinking about switching to this better top coat. Oh, I still haven't get the chance to buy Essie's Matte About You that I've been craving.
  6. New Nail Polish. Well actually I have enough nail polish for now but I just think I need some new ones, since I've been wanting to do some galaxy nails for so long. I think this O.P.I Light My Sapphire will be one of a good base color for galaxy nail art.
  7. New Nail Art Brush. No explanation needed. As a nail-artist *cough-cough* I think I just need this for my professional use LOLOL kidding, I just need a new one since the old one's not so good because I've been using it too many times.
So Santa, if you give me these, I promise I'll be a good kid next year #fingercrossed.

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