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Good Love Good Night

Sweeties I got from Diana last week, super cute!

First post in December! Been spending a great week at Etin's and finished my one-week-living-at-Panyu's challenge LOL. I've been missing my dorm and my bed but I missed Etin's bed too haha. So today we were having a "farewell" lunch at an Italian and these were what we ate.

Etin super loved her creamy Carbonara and I also did enjoy my pasta too :D Been craving for pizza but the pizzerias did not have them that time LOL. Well, having a great lunch time with a good friend is what mattered most, though :)

Well, at November I really did expect December to come faster but when it already did, I didn't know why I kind of feel like I don't know what I am supposed to do. Got so many plans and also tons of assignments I should have been starting to do but haven't, really don't know which to start on. Hmm, got to jia-you then. 

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