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One Fine Day

So I just got home after joining a friend of mine's, Sisil, pre-graduation photo shoot. Me, Tika and Natalie got there at around 11 to take some picture with her and some other friends, but we got to wait for around an hour until we could take picture with them #phew. And meanwhile, these were some shoots while we were waiting.

Girls always made good friends with selfcam, right? LOL
Among all flower buckets, this was my favorite. I was sneaking while taking this picture LOL.
He (or maybe she) was not the only one who dressed. There were still the other some.
After waiting and waiting, finally it was our time to take pictures with the "almost-graduates". So did we take some pictures with Sisil and the other friend of her, Santet (LOL I forgot his real name). It was really exciting to take pictures like these I guess. Mine (graduation photo-shoot) will be held next semester, really can't wait :3

Okay, that was it for today. Just a quick post before taking a nap and preparing for today's Youth Service ministry. Have a great weekend for you all, God bless :)

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