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Happy Sunday

Thank God I still had a chance to blog today. I am actually going home soon and I (as always) just did my packing things and others on the last minutes. I haven't even printed out my tickets LOL. But I still want to blog first :P

So yesterday, me and Diana went to FineFood and had dinner together. Diana was ordering Braised Lamb something and me with the plain salmon spaghetti LOL. 

This things Diana brought that tasted like dorayaki something, were really cute :3

And today, it is Diana's birthday! Happy birthday (again), Dee and I am wishing you everything best in your life and thanks for being such a great friend to me :))

And by the way, I just had my hair curled yesterday LOL. I don't really know if it suits me or not, but it is already so, so "bohuat" then :P This will be my last post from Guangzhou, then I'll be back to Indonesia for the next two months. Probably will be back to Guangzhou at the mid of March, not really sure yet. Had so many plans and things to be excited for at Indonesia, but I am somehow sad to leave Guangzhou (actually sad to leave my nail polishes since I can't bring them all home LOL). 

Phew, been blabbing too much. So, maybe see you later then at Indonesia. Take care, peeps and God bless you all. Have a great weekend!

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