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I Should Really Be Studying

It's been (almost) seven days since 2013 started. My first week of 2013 has been really great for me. So many things to be excited and to be grateful for. Thank God for it :) So on Jan 2nd, me and classmates went to have our graduation-certificate ID-photo taken. I pretty much already could feel the excitement of graduating :D haha.

And the next day, me and my room mates went to have a nice Korean BBQ Buffet, ALL YOU CAN EAT. MEAT MEAT, EVERYWHERE MUAHAHAHA (Ahem, excuse my wilderness LOL). It was really great for me, since we rarely have time to go out together.

Meet 星 (Xing), my Thai roommate :)
There were still so many great things that have been happening, but maybe let's just keep it for the next posts haha. By the way, I am going to have my Chinese Rhetoric final today. I really hate studying haha but still however have to do it. Hoping the best for today's final and for the other last final tomorrow. Take care you peeps, God bless :)

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