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This Too Shall Pass

After refreshing and refreshing again the New Post page for almost 100 times (okay, I am being overrated), I finally managed to make another post yay! I just feel like I wanted to write on the blog, that's it. Another big day of my life, not that I graduated already, but because it was the day of my thesis defense day. How was it, Sas? Did it go smoothly as how you wished? The answer is... NO (Phew, never have thought that graduating would actually be THIS hard LOL)

Too many things happening in just one day. Never thought that my thesis defense would be that bad. Haha like seriously, the teachers said almost nothing good about my thesis, that my paper was a total crap or something. But something definitely to be grateful for is, I still passed :') Even though my paper needs to be edited here and there and here and there (read : too many things to be revised), but the the main point is still I'll be able to leave this university life. Not that I hated school, but I just dislike studying (not learning new things, but studying like making good friends with books that you hated LOL) very much, especially things that I am not interested in.

This paper thing has taught me too many lessons for life. From the moment I started working on it and underestimated it, thinking that graduating won't be that hard, since everybody I knew none of them were unable to graduate and I was like "Hey, if everybody passed, I definitely will". When I thought that I could do this easily, God "pinched" me and made me realize that I was nothing to be arrogant for, that I had nothing to be proud of and I shouldn't have thought that I can do things without Him in control. Lesson one learned.

Lesson two. When I told Mama that the teachers were that "bad" to me, that I felt like I maybe would not graduate, she just told me that this was just another lesson for my life. God has been blessing me with too many blessings in this life, and things have always been pretty smooth in my life. I rarely have to work hard on things, but this time maybe God wanted me to appreciate this chance of graduating more. I could not agree more with Mama. Thank You Lord, just thank You.

Lesson three. Again, I was reminded that I am loved by too many people, for the supports they gave to me, for coming to my defense, for the prayers too of course. Words can't tell how much I am thankful for having you guys in my life. Kisses and hugs for all of you :)) Sorry I can't mention every single name, but just know that I appreciated you guys very much. You guys are such blessings to me! Well when I said this, I meant it :)

This chapter of my life is almost coming to the end. I'll have to do my best to let this chapter end beautifully and starting to think what to do in the future and where God wants to lead me to. Excited? Yes, much.

So Good To Be Back

Without being any overrated, seriously, I miss blogging. I've been unable to post blog posts since I got back to Guangzhou and I really do miss writing things on this blog *cleaning spiderwebs*. So I logged in to Blogger tonight and tried to post something (and it usually failed) but surprisingly it worked out! Thank God :)

So this past 3 months I spent in Guangzhou have been such great months. Been through many good things, ate many good food, spent time with good friends, worked on some personal art projects, had my hair cut, and also working on my (not-so) dear thesis. Oh ya, baby Flindt has also grown up so fast while I am missing him so.

Meanwhile, since I was unable to post things on the blog, I moved to Instagram as my tiny blog and I've been enjoying posting things there too (most of the pictures above are from my Instagram). But it still does not feel the same with blogging. Good thing is, now that I am able to post things again here, and I hope this lasts.

Writing with words has been pretty hard for me now. I don't really know how to write again since I haven't been blogging for so long LOL so pardon my messy sentences. I hope that I'll be able to blog continuously from now on, Amen to that :P 

Okay, enough for tonight. Tomorrow will be the day of my thesis defense and I really hope that everything will go pretty smoothly and please no killer teacher #fingercrossed. All right, have a blessed night, fellas :)