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Nail Kit by June 2013 - My Very First Vlog

Background music on video : Love is Easy - McFly and C U Next Tuesday - Ke$ha

I watched a lot of vlogs on Youtube lately, and it really made me want to make one, so here I go. I shamelessly recorded myself while one of my roommates was at the room LOLOLOL. I made a post about my previous nail polish collection here, and these are some nail art that I mentioned in the video : gradient and galaxy

By the way I forgot to mention my Seche Vite, the top coat that I am currently using, and if the video was not really good, please just bear with it. It was my first experience recording video like this and it was also my very first try of editing video. I really think it was not that bad, actually LOL. So do you think it is okay for me to make another vlog? I have already thought of another theme for my next vlog LOL. I'd love to hear back from you guys. Thanks for watching and reading :)

PS. I finally got the cover for my thesis. Just another step before my thesis to be done. Thank God :))

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