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Happy Tribal

Got an afternoon to take a breath from all the hectic things that have been happening lately and also before the next upcoming weeks that will be hectic as well, so I decided to paint my nails! It has been pretty long since the last time I was doing my nails, so I think it is time now LOL.

The theme of this nail art was rainbow tribal, very easy to do actually. At first I painted my nails with the white base and with the make up sponge I was making the pink-orange-yellow gradient. Last, I was using white acrylic paint to draw the simple tribal pattern. The colors I was using was from O.P.I's So So Skullicious, which were A Rose from the Dead (pink), Hi Pumpkin (orange) and Candlelight (yellow). 

I was in love with the color combination and I think it looked really fun, and the tribal pattern just made it even better. A great nail art to complete my great day :))

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