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A Little Taste of Bataknese (+ The Blog's New Face!)

See guys, I know I do not know everything about Bataknese food but today I am just going to share about some of Bataknese food I've been eating (and loving) since I was little. Since I belong to a city that is located in North Sumatra (the city of Pematang Siantar), where most people were Bataknese, so you can say that I am pretty familiar with these food. So, shall we?

The very first one is Babi Panggang (roasted pork). The pork itself is very crunchy and it is really different with the Chinese style roasted pork. They usually serve this with plain rice and also Bataknese style sambal (chili sauce) which I really like, and also (cooked) blood as the dipping sauce. 

Here comes Saksang. It is made from minced pork (or from what I heard, sometimes dog meat) stewed in blood, coconut milk and special spices. When I was little I didn't notice that this was cooked with blood, and when I found out that it actually is, it somehow made me hesitate a little to eat this LOL but I swear this tastes really good that I can't stand to stop eating this.

This may be the last one, but surely isn't least. Ikan Mas Arsik is a traditional food from Toba. This carp fish dish is cooked with many kinds of spices and it tastes somehow salty and spicy and also a little bit sour. Was my sister's favorite since she dislikes Babi Panggang.

Well guys, this is it, short post to introduce you some of the food from my hometown. I am a believer that Indonesian food is the best food in the world #proudIndonesian so I really think that these kinds of Bataknese food are also worth your try :)

PS. I just made some changes on the blog, I bet you saw them already, right? Been working on the not-really-friendly html codes, googling about this and that about blogger tips and tricks and this is it! The blog looks a lot simpler than the old one, but I really like it. My favorite part is the new header and navigation bars. I love them :)) So sorry for this too much excitement. I'll be working on the pages too later, but there are some housework to do so maybe later. Let me know what you think about the new look of the blog and I'll be glad to hear. Take care guys!

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