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About Blogging : Some Useful Links for Blogger Design

Hey guys. I am super happy that my "makeover" for the blog is finally finished. As what I said on my previous post, I wanted to change the appearance of the blog's pages too, and they were done! Check out my new pages here : travel, nails and projects

What I loved most about my blog's new appearance is that it looks really clean (the old background was too "eye-catchy", beside I think it is time for a more "mature" blog background LOL) and the next thing I loved most is what I stated before : the new navigation bars! The process was quite a pain in the ass but I was happy they are nicely done. It didn't look "too much" but it is just nice, I think :))

So on this post I want to share some links that have been very useful for me to make my this humble blog nicer. I hope there will be some points that can be useful for you guys too.

My blog's template was a free template that I got from PuglyPixel. The reason why I chose single column template is because I think a single column will look much neater than two or three columns, and ever since I changed to this style, I never regretted it. The bad thing about it is just you can't put too much information on your blog, but I am just fine with it.

PuglyPixel's free templates were all good, but the thing that I don't really like is that it is pretty hard to deal with the html codes, since the codes are not 100% similar with Blogger's default templates. But even without changing this and that on the templates, they were already good, so I still think PuglyPixel's free templates are recommended.


I have seen so many blogs with these buttons and I was like thinking how did they put those in? I finally found the best answer here, and this link was where I grabbed my FREE buttons.


Don't you agree that navigation bars like these have given the blog a more "professional" look? LOL. I tried to find how to make things like these on google, even though I didn't know what is the best keywords to these, but guess what, I figured the way out by myself MUAHAHA. Ahem, I found out that this was actually quite easy to do.

What you got to do is make the picture of your navigation buttons. In my blog they were those buttons I highlighted above. For example, the "home | about | link loves | follow this blog" bar actually consists of four different buttons. I separated them to "home |", "about |", "link loves |" and "follow this blog". So, it was actually four different pictures in one, but since the background color is the same with my blog's background, it doesn't look like they were different pictures.

The next thing to do is get the html codes of the pictures. You can do it by uploading your pictures in Photobucket or other imaging websites. After you get the code, the rules are the same with the social media buttons. Copy the html codes from the buttons you have used before for the social media buttons, but change the img source code into the html code of the pictures you uploaded before. Don't forget to change the link of your website's code too.

I know I explain this in quite a mess but I hope you get my point. If you don't, feel free to ask and I'll be glad to assist :)


It is nice when if you have this at the end of your each post. This widget shows some posts that were related (have the same labels) with your current post. You can also adjust how many related posts to show. Besides, this is really easy to install! Get this widget here.


If you are bored with the old "Home" and "Older Post" or "Newer Post" on the bottom of your blog's page (like me), then this widget is the helper. I really like this one too. You can choose from many designs that suits your blog most, and of course it is FREE. Get this widget here.

As you can see, my social media buttons were above my blog's header. In some templates' layout this actually is not possible, like in my this template. But thanks to this link, I found the way out to this problem and I am super happy with that.


Those are the links I used while I was making some changes on the blog. I know I ain't no pro-blogger, not even close, but as a blogger, I think when people look at your blog, their first impression doesn't come from your posts first, but from your blog's appearance. So I really think that the blog's look is important. Another thing I wanted to see on a blog is neatness, and justifying the texts on your blog post will make a big difference. Trust me.

Well, I hope this post I made today will be useful for any of you and your blog. Let me know if you have any question and again I say, I'll be glad to help. Have a great day, peeps :)

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