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Pinky Stripes and Floral + Tutorial

It's been way too long since my last nail art. I'm back at Indonesia already and too much holiday makes me become a lazy ass (not that I wasn't one before though LOL). Thank God today I finally managed to do one. By the way please excuse the poor quality picture. You know, poor lighting.

I also managed to make another simple how-to's on this nail art, but only for the floral parts, since the stripes part I believe everyone can do it without any tutorial. I just painted my nails with the base color (here I used Pedal Faster Suzi! by O.P.I) and made the stripes by the white striper brush. Here are the pictorial of the floral parts.

At first of course paint your nails with the base color (Alpine Snow by O.P.I), then make some pink circles (Pedal Faster Suzi!). The circles do not have to be perfect since they are flowers. Then take some red polish (Face Shop's) or darker pink (Kiss Me on My Tulips by O.P.I) and create the details of the flowers. My method was to draw a G and a smaller C (refer to picture). And at last, make the leaves with green polish (Ancient Jade by Orly).

So that was basically how I did my nails today. Sorry if the pictorial was not that good, I've tried my best :) And since I am still on my kind of "holiday" (which actually is days on being unemployed LOLOL), I think I'll try to update my blog. I've thought of some posts about my past holidays and maybe some things else. Well, I hope everyone is having a great day. Take care, people.

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