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Life As A Job-Seeker

It has been exactly seven days since I came to Jakarta and this has been one of the most hectic week in my life so far. Too many things happening lately, one of them is the interviews. I had attended about five interviews so far, both formal and informal. Too many moments to be told and I was very grateful for every of them. Today I'll be telling some of my job-seeking experiences.

I started to look for a job since three weeks ago where I also received my very first interview invitations that brought me here to Jakarta. I did my job-searching through a job seeking website and some from my friends. My actual plan was to apply for as many jobs as I can, expecting for as many interview invitations that is possible, attending all of them, wishing that they all will accept me and all that I had to do was choosing the one that suits me best.

Well, I applied for about 25 jobs (yes I did), received 5 invitations, attending all of them and finally had chosen one job (which I won't be telling about now but maybe later). Didn't it seem like everything went just like what I wanted? Well, this is again where I was reminded that I should be careful with what I wished for.

I used to think that it would be easy to choose the best job for me. I just had to pick one and problem's solved. But it wasn't like that, at all. I found it really difficult to choose one between some because I just thought that they all have different good sides for me, but I just got to choose. I was afraid of being rejected, but turns out rejecting also is very difficult. 

At the end, I decided to go with my parents' advice. I am a believer that in every situation that I am put into, my parents should always be involved in it because I care so much about what they think about me and my future. Parents know best, don't they? 

Life is about choices, that is what they say. I have made this choice and I really hope this choice I made will take me to a better place, shape me to a better me. I am not afraid of the future, I always find the future as something worth waiting for, something to be excited for. No matter what will happen next, even though I have no idea at all about it, I believe that my heavenly Father has prepared me the best of everything.

My this phase of life so-called "a job seeker fresh graduate" has almost come to end and I thanked God that it all has been going pretty smoothly. I am now entering the new phase called "finding the perfect room" LOL. All my life I have been waiting for the day where I get to live alone, having my own room (I never did before), so again, I am so excited about it :))

PS. I can never thank God enough for those people around me that have helped me so much while I am in Jakarta, I am feeling truly blessed for all of them. I probably will never be able to repay all their kindness but I believe my Father will do it for my behalf :')

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