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Two Days at Shaoguan

Reaching 韶关 (Shaoguan) from Guangzhou took us around 3-4 hours by car. This city is pretty famous in China for its "unique" mountains (you'll soon find out why). I went there with another school tour with my schoolmates and a teacher.

The first place we visited was 丹霞山 (Danxiashan/Danxia Mountain), which was also a famous world geopark. To reach the top for the best scenic view, we took a cable car and walk for some mountain paths, not too far from the cable car station though.

Not stopping for too long there, we soon headed to another tourists attraction which I called "unique" at the first paragraph. It was the Yangyuan Stone which is also called Male Stone. You soon will find out why it is called so. The weather that day was so hot that I almost melted for having to walk and "climb" mountains.

Have you figured out why it was called Male Stone? Well if you don't, I am not going to explain a lot more LOL. Those are the places we've been on our first day. The good thing about the second day was there were no more mountains to hike #phew.

The first place was 马坝人博物馆 (The Museum of Maba People). It has the cave were ancient people of Maba lived and there are also a museum that displayed the lifestyle of Maba People at that time. It was pretty interesting, though.

Okay, the last place for the Shaoguan trip. We went to a temple named 南华寺 (Nan Hua Temple), located about 25 km from the city of Shaoguan, was one of the most popular temples in Guangdong (Canton) province in China.

This fountain from the picture above, they believe that it has some kind of supernatural power. If you washed your hands or rubbed the water at the place where you feel pain, then you will be healed. Of course, once my schoolmates heard it, ALL of them went and washed and rubbed themselves with the water. Me? Err, not really a believer of these things. 

So, that was it guys, a note from my past trip to Shaoguan. I personally like the city for its not too crowded and I felt like it must be a very peaceful city (LOL). If any of you are interested to visit the Male Stone (LOL I just remembered there was also the FEMALE VERSION cave, but we didn't manage to visit) just come to Shaoguan and have a look of it with your own eyes LOL. See you guys on the next post! 

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