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I Promise Myself I Should Stop After This

I have been eating too much. Did I say TOO MUCH already? I am sorry to my tummy but more sorry to my wallet. It has been crying a lot on this last weekend LOL. Please bear with me, will you all? On Sunday, me, Ci Felly, Ci Meycia and Ci Fanny went to Little Sheep (小肥羊) to have our buffet. Yes, buffet it is. 

Look at the amount of herbs and spices (?) they used. It was really a pleasure for me eating there. But the best part was still the meat buffet LOL. The buffet was only for the meat and it costs IDR 139,000 per person and each of us spent IDR 180,000 at the end (included drinks, rice and tax). I would suggest you to drink ice tea or sweet ice tea, since they are refillable. By the way, we ate around 12 plates of meat yesterday. I regret nothing. Well, maybe I do.

But really, what is good food without decent dessert, don't you agree? After Little Sheep, we headed to Grand Indonesia Shopping Center and I finally had my Magnum Cafe experience! Did I say I was sorry to my tummy already? Well, apparently I was not sorry enough.

It was the three of us and we decided to share the desserts. We ordered The Grand Gaufre - IDR 59,000 and De Velvet Seduction - IDR 55,000. I also went with Peppermint Tea - IDR 20,000 as a friend to my dessert. What can I say? I LOVE THE RED VELVET. It was actually my first experience on red velvet cake and I can say I really liked it. I wouldn't recommend the other one though. It was just like some ordinary magnum bars with some waffle wafer, not worth the price at all. I'll definitely love to visit Magnum Cafe again and try other menus.

At night, we went to Gandy to have some steak with some friends and new friends. It was actually the celebration of some friends, Jeffry and William's birthday. Happy birthday, twins! 

Photo by Ci Meycia.

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