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Seorae Korean BBQ

What do you think about that meat flipping? LOL. So this is a story about me going to a Korean BBQ place located at Pantai Indah Kapuk, North Jakarta. I was going after my Friday work shift, picked up by Ci Fanny and Ci Meycia later joining us.

What we ordered were a set of Samgyeopsal that had three different types of seasoning, another type of meat that I forgot the name and also some Tteokbokki. The Tteokbokki does not look too attempting, does it? But it actually tasted not bad, though. The meat taste good also, but not that special to me.

We spent IDR 105,000 per person for those menus, including drinks and tax. The restaurant also had this kind of promotion where when you follow and mention them (@seoraeID) on Twitter, show it to the waiter/waitress, then you'll get a cup of free drinks. Lumayan!

After Seorae, we headed to the next stop, not too far from Seorae, it was Locale24 Diner. The restaurant outdoor viewing was really unique because the main door and settings was set up like a vintage bus. Didn't manage to take photos though for it was raining.

We just ordered drinks and this appetizer platter for we already almost full, so no room for too-heavy-meal. This one tasted okay but too oily, the meat is somehow alot. I like the orange juice though. But I really think that they had too few food on the menu. It would be good if they're adding some more into the menu.

That was my Friday night dinner story. Be prepared because I really had so much more food that will come to the blog after this LOL.

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