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Bits And Pieces

(1) In search of Jakarta's best macarons. So far in my opinion, Manon is the winner.
(2) J city's skyline on 5.30 PM these days are the best. Without the rain, of course.
(3) Speaking of rain, it has been a (not really) good friend for Jakarta. I was just hoping that it won't start flooding, or please, at least don't let it rain on my way to office #crossingfingers.
(4) In love with taking random pictures. Trying to make it looks like it has deep meaning LOL.
(5) Pretty orchids on some plant shop in Bandung. 
(6) First visit at Bandung's Floating Market. It was raining real hard that day. Did try some of the street food that were sold on the floating stands, the place was quite nice though.
(7) LINE's Christmas decorations at Mal Kelapa Gading, too cuteee. They also have game stands and photo booth. So did I spin some of the fortune wheel and apparently was lucky enough to win a prize, a Cony's file holder worth IDR 20K, not bad :))

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