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The Best of 2013

I love making lists of what I have done at the past. Like what I have done last year, this time I am also going to share about what has been happening back then in 2013. Thanks to the book of blessings, writing and listing this has become even much easier!

January 24-February 14
Holiday season has always been my favorite. At this time I was able to travel to some cities in Java along with some friends and also took them to one of my most loved place on earth, Danau Toba. It was also the time of Chinese New Year where I got to spend time with the whole family and also play with Baby Flindt :))

February 18-March 1
Even though I don't love teaching that much, but my two working weeks teaching experience has given me a lot. I am glad that I got the chance to do things like that and now that I come to think about it again, teaching was not that bad actually, I pretty enjoy doing it.

April 18
The day where I experienced my first and apparently last Songkran Festival in Guangzhou. I was too lazy as a student to join school's programs but I was glad that I decided to finally join this one's. Also spent the rest of the day hanging out with Olin and having a sleepover at her dorm.

April 25
It was when my pre-graduation photo shoot was held (yes, Chinese school has this PRE-grad things). I was so blessed by the love of people around me who came to show their love and of course for the gifts too LOL. Ah, on this day also the day of our church's COOL gabungan where Jane was sharing about passion. Just right man at the right place.

May 6
I always wonder if I am brave enough to do something spontaneous and crazy. And on this day I proved that I was able to at least do something close to it. I cut my long hair to super short and managed to surprise everyone, including myself LOL. Not that quite big action, but I felt like I was able to overcome myself. Girls will know how much we will hesitate when we're going to cut our hair LOL.

May 30
Probably the most hilarious day of the year, where green tea latte and fried chicken did not even attract me at all :)) Learned the hard way about taking things too easily (read: underestimating), but I know that God still loves me so much, even though I was so stubborn and proud :))

June 27-June 28
Trip to Shaoguan as the last trip for me to spend with classmates and also the other schoolmates. I wonder when will be the next time for things like this to happen again.

June 29
We haven't even slept enough after the Shaoguan trip, but the next day we just had to wake up early, because we're freaking GRADUATING! Even though my parents couldn't make it, but I was still very happy to have the other family members from GBI GZ to share the happiness of the moment. This day was also the last chance for me to be at GBI GZ Youth as the leader. I was relieved, but I was also sad when I remember that I couldn't be there anymore.

July 8
I used to think that I was the kind of girl who will never get drunk because that is just not my thaaang LOL but Miguel had won over me :)))) I also found out that I was the type of person who did not go crazy when I was drunk, but instead, I became crazily.... quite :)) Le friends were expecting me to spoil out all my secrets while I was drunk, but apparently they have to be disappointed. PS. I also found out that I was allergic to alcohol drinks LOLOLOL.

July 10-July 25
Had my China trip to several cities along with le family (and experienced the amazingly breathtaking  beauty of Huangshan too). Had to leave Guangzhou in a hurry without having the chance to say proper goodbye to all the friends, and mark the date where I know that a new life had been waiting for me.

September 6
Months have passed since nothing. I was spending too much time at home trying to figure out what I should do for my future. A few days before this day I finally started to apply for jobs, and on this day, I finally got my first interview invitations!! That feeling of excitement was really good. I also knew that the day where I'd have to set off has been set.

September 12
Another interview invitation came, but who'd have known that it would be the one I am working on right now? LOL. This day I also managed to get my driving license (that I never even used) LOL.

September 23
Too many first times in a day LOL. It was my first time taking a busway at Jakarta, my first ever job interview at a bank, my first try on Sushi Tei and this and that. I was really blessed too to have good friends and cousins to be with me on my first days in Jakarta.

October 20
I still get goosebumps when I remembered how God emptied the street just for me to go to church :P Has been so far the best day of my LIFE and I know for sure that my God loves me so much.

November 8
Just when I think I already had enough love from my God, He was still able to surprise me. Even on the dream I never even dreamed of winning lucky doors or anything, but winning this gadget had already put a ridiculously silly smile on my face LOL.

December 14
Jakarta sucks when it divides me from my friends because of its traffic. But I was thankful that this day I was able to meet Felly and Agustine and spent time with them, also managed to bake my first (failed) patch of  macaroons and also playing with bulbs.

December 24
After months of living alone, I realized that I was missing a community like what I used to have back then. I was thankful that I was able to spend Christmas eve with them.

December 31
Another year that is full of blessings has passed. I was happy that I managed to finish my this project and also that I got to spend time with some friends in welcoming the new year at Puncak.

2013 marks the year as the turning point of my life. I may have not reached too many things, but I know that this is a start for me where my battle of life began. I am thankful for everything and every person I know who has been a part of my life, especially in the past year. 

My life in Jakarta this past months has been pretty much the highlight of the year, for all the good and bad things that happened. On this chance I really wanted to thank some specific persons. Firstly for Ci Felly and Ci Meycia (also the rest of their family) for welcoming me in Jakarta. I had been a troublesome for them for my first two weeks in Jakarta, but they really were treating me so well. I feel like a part of.. family :') I really couldn't imagine me without them that time. 

The other Cicik that I would love to say thank you to is... Ci Fanny! She has been such an angel falling from the sky to help me in my time of despair LOL. Okay, seriously now. I didn't even bother if I had dinner or not, but she constantly reminded me to have my dinner, and even took me for it. Just when I thought I am living on my own, but she came and became a good sister for me. Ci, if you're reading this (I know you probably will LOL), thank you. We may not have known each other for too long, but I am thankful to have you as a friend, also as a sister. Ayooo kita semangat taun ini biar bisa kurus bersama dan hidup lebih hemat yah ahahaha :)) Don't throw up already!!

For everybody else that has been great friends for me, you know who you are. I am glad that some of le good friends are back to Indonesia and now that we're getting closer in distance, I just hoped that Jakarta's traffic won't be the obstacles for us to hang out more often. And I am super excited that GBI GZ Indonesia COOL has started! 

Now that it's already the sixth day since 2014 (almost a week le!), I am expecting so much from it and can't wait to see what it has in store for me. No matter what is going to happen, I know that my God will always be with me and I should have nothing to be afraid of :)

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