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I Am Thankful For..

sleep I have been a fan of sleeping since I can remember, but lately I realized that a good night sleep is really a great helper for me. When I woke up after some enough time of sleeping, I know I am going to make everyday my day!
babies I major looooooove looking and hugging and carrying babies. While I was home for some time ago, baby En-En has entertained me with his cuteness. Omo those cheeks! I.. just.. can't..
weekend Who doesn't love weekends, right? But what's so special is that I got to spend last weekend at home for my Bro's graduation. Even though it's not long but I am nothing but thankful for it.
brother Not only I am thankful that he finally got to graduate, but I'll have to say that my bro is so nice. He even bought me a USB (something that I never own my whole life LOL) and copy me some Korean dramas so I can watch them on my free time, even when I told him he does not have to do it for me. You should be jealous already for me having such a good oppa :))
promo ticket My trip to the heavenly land, Bali, has been confirmed. Got the deal for only IDR 180K departing from J city to Bali. Excited, excited.
likes I know this may sound so weird whatever, but whenever my posts on Instagram get so many likes, it just boosts up my mood. No judging, please. 
interview invitations It's been almost half a year since my applications to many companies, but lately I received so many invitations. Even though I can not make it for I already have a job, I am happy enough for the invitations, just like that.
doughnuts Hay-looooow, is explanation even necessary for this one?

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