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In Search Of The True Self

We often hear this saying, "Life is a journey". Well, I guess everyone can pretty relate to that. I do believe that life itself is a journey, a long-walk one. I came to this thinking that one of the biggest part of our life journey is finding out who we really are, don't you agree?

By having the right idea about who we really are will do us a big favor. But I do see that not everybody knows about who they really are, trapped in the wrong mindset about their lives, and ended up living their lives without knowing what they should do and where they should go.

Today I am sharing about my thoughts on how to help you (and I) in finding our true selves, so that we can live our lives in a slightly better way. You know, just my two cents.

Know That Everything Takes Time
Some people spend their whole life just trying to figure out who they really are, some people may not take that long. There is no deadline to things like this, so there is no need to rush. If you're now 23 and still struggling about who you really are, it's okay. Even Statue of Liberty was not built in a day, was it? Wait, it supposed to be Rome? Alright, whatever.

Find Out Who You Are Not
Do you remember while we were still in high school, we learned about the Method of Elimination? Even though I do not know that much about Math, but let's just say that it is pretty much like that. Or let's just make it simpler, like umm.. do you remember while you were watching American Idol and there is one single person eliminated each week before we got the winner? Nahhh, now that I like this explanation better.

While we are still living, we're going to do new things and trying to be this and that. Sometimes, it is way easier to find out who we really are by knowing who we are not. Every single time you tried on being something and you knew that it is not meant for you, I can say that you are one step closer from your truest self. 

Copying Other People Is Acceptable
There, there I said it. "W..w..wait, didn't they say everyone is born an original?" Of course everyone is. But the thing is, we just can not avoid the fact that we live by the influence of people around us. I believe that even in finding our true self, we're going to need the help from the other people as well.

Copying here does not mean being a copycat, not even at any point. But the thing I wanted to say is, it is acceptable to see what's good in what other people do, and if you know that it's good for you to do the same thing, why not right? I just don't see anything bad in copying other people doing good habit and having a better lifestyle. 

If copying just sounded too harsh, let's just call it being motivated. But as what I said beforebeing motivated and being obsessed with other people's lives are two different things.

Being Open To Other People's Opinion
No matter who you are or what you do, people will always going to have something to talk about it, either to talk it with you, or maybe most of the time, with other people *insert sarcastic smile here*. Now that you can do nothing about what they say to others, we shall just discuss about what people say about you, to you.

The easiest way to find out how good or how bad we've been doing is by listening to what people think about you, though it is not exactly the absolute standard. Listen to what people have to say about you, after that have a good reflection about the points they said. If you realized that they got the points, then you'll know how to react. It is either you have to make a change for a better you, or to treat yourself with something you like as a small reward to yourself.

Learn To Accept Compliments
This is super easy to do, but surprisingly there are a lot of people who are not able to do it well. Instead of saying things like, "No, I'm not that good", let's just learn to respond with "Thank you". But, along with that we are also going to have to learn how to differentiate between compliments and sarcasms :))

It's Okay Not To Be Okay
There will be some times when you know that you're not okay, and guess what? That is totally fine. Things may not be good all the time, but believe that something good is on its way. Tough times will make you learn on how to overcome tears and maybe fears.

"Cause even gold must go through fire only to become brand new in the end"

Believe That You Are Alive, For A Purpose
"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, and before you were born I consecrated you; I appointed you a prophet to the nations." - Jeremiah 1:5. Ever wonder why we have to come to this earth? It must not be for nothing, right?

HE, who has chosen us, who has known us too well even before we are even here yet, must has something in store for us. No one is born for nothing and all we got to do about that is believe that we have the purpose of living. When you already know for sure that you're here, for a reason, finding out who you really are will be a lot less complicated, I promise :)

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