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Tak Kemana-Mana

Kita sedang bahagia, jangan buang waktu menerka-nerka akhirnya
Tenang, aku di sini. S'lama kau di sisi, aku berjanji.. tak kemana-mana


GOGI Reunited

Wehee so glad that yesterday I got to meet my long lost (?) GOGI partner. It's been too long since the last time! We were debating if the last time we met was already last year or not LOL. We spent some good time chit chatting while having some club sandwiches, chocolate lava cake (!) and also having some milk tea date tehee. Thank you Belly for sparing some time for me. I'll see you around soon!

I Am Thankful For..

my new job I know there are hell lots of new things that I need to learn, but I am thankful for the opportunities, my colleagues which happen to be so nice (and almost all of them are at my age), my boss and senior who are not bossy but instead very understanding and caring, and also the everyday free and great tasted lunch.
homecoming Managed to get home for a few days before I started my current job. I was so happy that I got to see my dear family again (and celebrated Papa's birthday together!) also that I was meeting up some good friends back there.
moving out I just moved into a new room! My new room is far better than my previous one. Those who have seen it know I wasn't lying and these days I've been sleeping really well. I am that type of people who enjoy being at home (or now probably room) so I'd have to make sure I enjoy living there.
hair curler You might thing this is not that important, but I just got this Babyliss Pro Perfect Curl and I am able to save a lot of time doing my hair (just because I need to do it everyday). Anyway, you guys can get your own perfect curl from @cherish_store #BukanIklan #BeneranBagus #SuwerDeh
baby Flindt He just turned two! I can't believe how fast time has flied. I am happy that he is now a healthy and active boy, but I kinda missed the helpless him that can only be carried and being played by me hahaha. I hope he'll always grow up healthily and he'll be a good boy :)
food I am sorry that I keep repeating this one, but I just cannot miss it. By the way you guys, if you're living in Jakarta, go try babi panggang at Lapo Ni Tondongta at Jalan Pramuka - Jakarta Timur. I can guarantee it tasted so gooooood. #LanggananGarisKeras

Yamcha Kinda Day

I swear it's not only that the picture looks good, but the food tasted really great as well. Despite the fact that I'd have to deal with my shrimp allergic the whole day later. Anyway guys, if you're planning to get some dimsum, this Modern Asian Diner (MAD) at Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta is pretty decent in my very own opinion.

As if a dimsum buffet is not enough, later that day we also went for some pancakes and Japanese for dinner. But I was happy because my tummy is. They say happiness can't be bought, right? Well you don't have to remind me for getting even more fat, though. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT T____T But, we're sometimes just that helpless, ya' know? #NgelesAjeLuSas

Please don't judge me for wasting too much money on the buffet, okay? Just so you know, the whole buffet only costed us IDR 89K per person. I just can't afford to miss it! It is too bad that the promotion has ended already. Anyway, if anyone knows any decent places like this with cheap buffet, please, you know who to call.

I Love Meeting Up

One of my favorite moments is when I got to see my friends and spent some good time with them. These days everyone's getting busy of their own matters, so chances like this do not come everyday. That is why I am grateful and thankful for the good time.

By the way, I feel bad for abandoning the blog for quite a long time. I really wanted to blog, but I just don't know what to write. I guess I need something to keep me and my blog motivated. Some more about myself, it's been almost a week since I started my current job. So far it's been pretty exciting and I am looking forward for new lessons and maybe some new challenges ahead. I hope you guys reading are being happy and excited as well :)