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Yamcha Kinda Day

I swear it's not only that the picture looks good, but the food tasted really great as well. Despite the fact that I'd have to deal with my shrimp allergic the whole day later. Anyway guys, if you're planning to get some dimsum, this Modern Asian Diner (MAD) at Lotte Shopping Avenue Jakarta is pretty decent in my very own opinion.

As if a dimsum buffet is not enough, later that day we also went for some pancakes and Japanese for dinner. But I was happy because my tummy is. They say happiness can't be bought, right? Well you don't have to remind me for getting even more fat, though. I KNEW IT I KNEW IT T____T But, we're sometimes just that helpless, ya' know? #NgelesAjeLuSas

Please don't judge me for wasting too much money on the buffet, okay? Just so you know, the whole buffet only costed us IDR 89K per person. I just can't afford to miss it! It is too bad that the promotion has ended already. Anyway, if anyone knows any decent places like this with cheap buffet, please, you know who to call.

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