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Bits and Pieces

(1) My new kicks. I promised myself that I had to start working out a little, well at least do some small running effort. All along I have always been using the "I-don't-have-any-sports-shoes" reason on why I never work out. Guess I'll have to find myself some other excuses :))
(2) Nails of the week. Despite of the messiness, I pretty like the design and the blue and yellow look good matched together, don't you agree? The other thing is I'm currently running out of nail polish remover and I have been peeling my nail polish to remove them from my nails. Call that an innovation.
(3) All time favorite, mint and chocolate chip ice cream from Baskin Robbins. If you don't know yet, whenever you're purchasing BR's ice cream with minimum transaction of IDR 75,000 with kartu kredit Bank Mega, then you'll get a 35% price reduction. Definitely not something to miss out, right?
(4) I really love when I got to say, "It was my first time on..". Well, apparently I got another first try on.. guess what? Since you'll never guess it right (LOL) then I'll just tell you what it was: snake meat. I was just curious on how it tasted like, so I did try one. Some people called it delicious but to me, it was so-so lah. The texture is quite chewy and it pretty much tasted like chicken, nothing really special on it, so I'll be back on loving my fried chicken.
(5) The puppies are growing up so fast. A month ago they were just some tiny little creatures and now they're so heavy that I'll have to be extra careful while carrying them. I hope they all will grow bigger and healthier yeay.
(6) I'm back to my old musing. After the last time Xiaobai died, I was a bit afraid to pet other fish again because I was worried when they died it will be very tiring for me. Well but now I'm having a new tank in my room and I had some tiny shrimps and some other fish. But.. at the first day, all of the five prawns died and the next day, other two passed away. Today, another two were found dead when I reached home. Guess it won't be too long until I say goodbye to all of them #OhGodWhy ._____.

Some random updates about my life this past week, just in case anyone on blogosphere is missing me #YeahYouWished :)) I know I've been saying this a million times but I really missed scratching things here, so just bear with me when I talked so much. Life has been treating me super fine and I am enjoying every bit of the time of my life now. Working life has been tiring but exciting at the same time, I've got some pretty awesome friends and I ate a lot of good food (as always).

By the way, my parents and le sister are currently spending their vacation time at Thailand and I envy them so much. I think it's been pretty awhile since I had my getaway. I miss seeing at blue sky and sea and the sun-tanned skin. Beach, please?