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Even When It Hurts

Even when the fight seems lost, I'll praise You. Even when it hurts like hell, I'll praise You
Even when it makes no sense to sing, louder then I'll sing Your praise

Go Glamping!

Just a few weeks ago, I just went on an exciting yet relaxing glamping experience with my fellow coworkers. The beautiful glamping area was called "Legok Kondang" and it was located at Ciwidey, not too far from one of Bandung's most popular tourist spots, Kawah Putih.

We spent three days and two nights there, doing some fun activities together like playing games, doing random chit-chats and also of course, eating lots of food. I personally feel like it was so much fun, but the best part is when we don't have to attend office for two days LOL. The other random thing is that I reminded myself that I am allergic to alcoholic drinks and brought home hands and neck with red spots and itchy feelings .___.

But it's okay, it's the fun that counts! Looking forward for more trips like this in the future and after this, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. See you on the next posts!

And They Lived Happily Ever After

As I stated on my previous post, I just got back from such an unforgettable trip for my best friend, Jane's, wedding. Let me tell you that the wedding was sooooooo fairy-tale like and what made me sad is that it made me want to attend my own wedding too (which is clearly still unclear when it will become reality LOL).

The wedding took place at Ayana Resort, one of Bali's most famous luxury resorts and it has also been very popular for wedding venues among Indonesians also foreigners. I swear the view of the hotel was very pretty and I heard that their service was really good too. Anyway, here are some pictures that we took at Bali. I won't be leaking too many of the wedding pictures since I'll have to let the pretty newlywed hostess to tell the story of her life to you guys.

PS. Photo credit goes to the owner. Some are from my camera, some from Jane's, some from the wedding photographers'.

To my very best friend, Jane. Again I wanted to tell you that I am very grateful for being able to be a part of your fairy-tale-like wedding. The days before and when you started dating, even until the very time you stood at the aisle of the church with the love of your life, I was able to witness all of them and I am thankful that I got to know such beautiful couple like you are.

I hope that for the next steps that you're going to take in your life, you'll always be happy because you already have someone to walk with the rest of your life, and I am joyful to know it. I am thankful that God has sent you such a good man that I know will treat you well (if he doesn't please tell me and I'll help you to kick his ass LOL). 

Also, thank you for the awesome trip, for the new friends you introduced me too, I hope that we'll be best friends for life and let's grow together to be "ayi-ayi gaul" and even "amah-amah gahoel", shall we? Enjoy your new life as a "wifey" and I hope that every day of your life will be filled with joy and blessings. I love you, best friend 

Beijing 798 Art Zone

Yay finally got the chance and time to post about this. I was on a working trip to Shanghai for an exhibition, so I decided to spare some time to fly to Beijing and meet Claudia there. Though it was only for two days, but it was definitely a good time I spent.

After a (free!) Beijing Roasted Duck culinary adventure on my first day, Claudia took me to one of Beijing's art district so called 798 Art District (798艺术区). It has several art galleries inside and of course some photogenic spots where we can take "Instagram-worthy" pictures (read: by that I meant taking pictures with any walls we saw).

After strolling around, of course the thing to do next was to stuff our stomach with some good food, so did we stop at a nice café called Flat White. We ordered pizza and carrot cake for the two of us and to me the taste was pretty decent.

Even though this trip belongs to quite a short one, but I felt really happy to be able to visit new places and spend some time with a good friend. One thing that made me happy is that I got to make blog post like this again, it's been too long since the last time! I (again) hope that I'll be able to post more often from this time on LOL.

Anyway, these days have been so exciting for me since I just got back from a(nother) trip from Bali for my best friend's (Jane!!) super beautiful wedding! I wish I'd be able to make another post about it again since it was such an unforgettable trip and I can't wait to share it on the blog. Soooooo I guess until next time then?

Dream Card: How I Got Scammed

It took all my pride to finally decide posting this at the blog, karena menurut gue dengan menceritakan ini sama aja dengan mengumbar kebodohan gue kepada seluruh dunia. But at last I thought that I loved you guys even more than I love my pride (which actually means I love you so much LOL) so I hope this can help you guys and prevent you from experiencing the same thing I just did.

Kejadiannya bermula di saat gue mengajukan aplikasi kartu kredit ke salah satu bank swasta, which in this case adalah bank "M" dimana dia bekerja sama dengan salah satu hypermarket lokal dengan menawarkan extra discount sebesar 10% untuk pembelanjaan kita. Sebagai anak kost-kostan yang harus belanja bulanan, menurut gue ini adalah satu deal yang cukup baik, ditambah lagi dia punya discount yang cukup gede juga di salah satu outlet eskrim favorit gue, yang semakin menguatkan keinginan gue untuk punya kartu kredit ini #PentingBangetYaSas.

Singkat cerita, setelah melewati semua proses yang diharuskan, aplikasi kartu gue diterima dan gue dikabarin kalau kartu gue akan dikirim ke kantor, which I was pretty excited about karena emang pas di masa itu gue lagi emang harus beli beberapa keperluan. Berikut kronologis kejadian yang menimpa gue tersebut.

Selasa, 18 Agustus 2015
Kartu kredit gue diantar ke kantor sekitar pukul 9 pagi. Siangnya pada hari yang sama gue mendapatkan telepon dari pihak yang mengaku dari Bank "M" yang mengaku bernama Dini menanyakan apakah kartunya sudah gue terima, gue pun menjawab sudah. Setelah itu dia nanya apa gue udah mengaktifkan kartunya dan gue jawab belum karena gue emang berpikir untuk bawa pulang untuk baca-baca terms and conditions-nya, lalu dia bilang dia bakal nelpon lagi besok untuk konfirmasi.

Rabu, 19 Agustus 2015
Pagi hari waktu gue di kantor akhirnya gue mengaktifkan kartu kredit gue tersebut dan langsung registrasi PIN, lalu sekitar jam 11 siang gue mendapat telepon lagi dari Dini, menanyakan apa kartu dan PIN sudah gue aktifkan dan gue pun menjawab sudah. Setelah itu dia memberi info ke gue bahwa gue bakal dapet hadiah tambahan berupa sebuah handphone, power bank dan voucher hotel. Dia sempet bilang ke gue untuk tidak berekspektasi tinggi karena it was just a souvenir, the handphone wouldn't be super fancy dan gue pun mengiyakan saja (dalam hati ya tentu aja seneng juga dapet HP gratis ya lumayan banget kan ya). 

Setelah itu dia info ke gue kalo manager-nya yang bernama Cindy akan menelepon gue untuk konfirmasi mengenai pengantaran hadiah gue itu. Benar aja ga lama setelah itu, sekitar pukul 13.48 gue ditelepon oleh Cindy dan dia mengatakan hadiah itu akan diantar ke kantor. Sempat terjadi beberapa kali perbincangan telepon dari dia karena dia bilang kurirnya agak kesusahan mencari alamat kantor gue. Sebenarnya gue udah agak bingung soalnya gue pikir waktu pengantaran kartu kredit sepertinya ga ada masalah apa-apa soal alamat tapi ini kenapa kayanya susah banget. Dia pun ngabarin ke gue kalau kurir yang akan mengantar bernama Sofian.

Ga lama setelah itu Sofian pun sampai ke kantor gue dan gue bertemu dengan dia. Jujur gue ga gitu ada kecurigaan, gue bahkan masih berusaha ramah dengan ngajakin dia becanda dan dia juga kelihatan seperti orang yang baik. Gue masih sempat kasihan ke dia karena harus nentengin tas gede yang berisi banyak hand phone dan power bank yang cukup berat. Di saat dia memberikan gue voucher hotel dan kartu yang bernama Dream Card itu, akhirnya dia ngeluarin EDC dan dia bilang kalau untuk bisa memakai voucher diskon hotel itu, limit di kartu kita harus di-"freeze" sebanyak Rp 2,850,000 agar di kemudian hari di saat kita memakai diskon tersebut, kita sudah tidak perlu membayar lagi ke pihak hotelnya, karena kita sudah pernah membayar uang tersebut.

Sofian menjelaskan kalau nilai yang kita bayarkan itu bisa dicicil sebanyak 24 atau 48 kali tergantung keinginan kita, dan di saat kita ternyata dalam 12 bulan tidak memakai voucher yang sudah kita cicil tersebut, maka uang yang telah kita bayarkan akan di-debit lagi ke kartu kredit kita. Singkat cerita, gue pun melakukan transaksi tersebut dan akhirnya kartu kredit gue berhasil digesek oleh si Sofian itu. 

Benar-benar tepat setelah Sofian pamit dan meninggalkan kantor gue, gue seakan baru 'tersadar' kok sepertinya ada yang janggal. Gue pun buru-buru kembali ke meja kerja gue dan langsung gue Googling tentang dream card yang telah gue "beli" itu. Gue setengah ga percaya dimana waktu gue menemukan informasi di internet kalau itu adalah bentuk penipuan. Tindakan gue selanjutnya adalah gue buru-buru menelepon pihak Bank "M" untuk konfirmasi dan dari mereka mengatakan kalau dari pihak bank tidak pernah mempunyai program seperti itu. Setengah panik gue bertanya apa mungkin transaksi gue bisa di-cancel karena gue merasa sudah kena tipu, dan yang dikatakan pihak bank cuma mereka tidak bisa membantu karena yang punya akses untuk membatalkan transaksi hanyalah dari pemilik mesin EDC tersebut.

Kalau kalian bertanya apakah gue ga berusaha untuk memperjuangkan uang gue yang sudah terlanjur "terbang" entah kemana itu, jawabannya adalah I did. Beberapa hari setelah kejadian itu gue terus berusaha menghubungi bank untuk meminta bantuan (dan selalu tidak mendapatkan hasil karena pihak bank merasa transaksi itu dilakukan secara sadar jadi mereka menolak untuk membantu membuat klaim sanggahan), gue juga berusaha menelepon terus pihak penipu (dengan bantuan teman-teman gue juga), kasarnya kaya "stupidly" berharap dia bisa berbelaskasihan dan at least mau balikin duit gue setengah-nya atau gimana lah. Tapi ya tentu aja akhirnya sia-sia.

Sebenarnya modus penipuan seperti ini sudah banyak banget yang kena dan menurut hasil research gue, praktik penipuan ini udah berlangsung dari 2011 dan sampai sekarang tetep aja banyak banget yang kena. Asumsi utama gue adalah mungkin ini adalah akibat dari jual-beli data customer dari pihak bank ke oknum-oknum yang tidak bertanggungjawab dan juga mereka ya memanfaatkan ketidaktahuan para pemegang kartu kredit baru yang mungkin sebagian minim pengetahuan atas hal-hal kaya gini.

At the end gue memutuskan untuk tidak memperpanjang kasus ini ke pihak yang berwajib atau berwenang atau apalah karena jujur gue masih skeptis dengan hukum di negara tercinta ini. Gue sempat berpikir kalau penipuan kaya gini sudah sering banget kejadian dan sudah banyak banget korban yang kena, kenapa juga para penipunya masih dengan santai bisa kesana kemari menjaring korban? Dan di sisi lain gue juga kecewa karena dari pihak bank tidak ada usaha untuk memperingatkan calon customernya tentang hal-hal kaya gini. FYI, kejadian ini bukan hanya terjadi sama pemilik kartu kredit bank yang gue apply, tapi juga hampir semua bank di Indonesia. So guys, do be more cautious and careful regarding this.

Apa dengan ini konklusi-nya adalah gue orang yang bodoh? Well, mungkin saja. But as stupid as I might seem to you, at least kebodohan gue yang kali ini sudah jadi satu pelajaran hidup yang mahal buat gue dan di sisi lain gue setidaknya bisa membagi ke orang lain agar tidak ada orang di sekitar gue yang harus mengalami hal yang sama kaya gue. Guys, trust me, it is a blessing when we can learn from others mistakes without having to experience them ourselves. Cukup aku saja yang menelan pil pahit ini, teman-teman #GayeLoSas.

Di sisi lain, kalau gue boleh sharing sedikit nih (boleh dong ya secara ini blog gue), gue ngerasa Tuhan juga ngajarin gue satu pelajaran yang sangat berharga. Jujur waktu itu gue sedang bergumul banget soal finansial dan pada satu titik gue pernah marah dan sedih banget sama diri gue sendiri karena gue ngerasa banyak hal yang gue ga bisa capai cuma gara-gara masalah uang dan gue sempet ngomong, "Kenapa gue harus ga punya uang?", beneran sampe segitunya deh. Setelah kejadian itu, gue bertekad untuk buktiin kalau gue bisa nabung uang yang banyak dan ngelakuin apa yang gue mau lakuin satu hari nanti.

Sekarang gue sadar kalau gue (lagi-lagi) kemakan sama kesombongan gue sendiri. Di saat gue pikir gue bisa dan mampu untuk ngelakuin apa yang gue mau, Tuhan sadarkan kalau itu bukan hal yang Dia mau untuk ada di diri gue. Apalagi ini "cuma" soal uang, jujur gue ngerasa malu karena sempet-sempetnya gue merasa gue "bisa", padahal sebenarnya di saat Tuhan bilang ini bukan punya kita atau bukan lagi punya kita, Tuhan berhak banget buat ambil balik (bukannya gue ngatain Tuhan yang ngambil duit gue yee, but ya I hope you understand what I meant).

Sekeras apapun manusia berusaha, pada akhirnya semuanya balik lagi ke Tuhan. Udah sering banget kita diingetin kalau semua yang kita punya itu bukan karena kebaikan kita, bukan karena we deserved them, but purely kasih karunia dari Tuhan. Gue tau banget hal ini, tapi sayangnya gue juga sering banget  "lupa". But well, I am thankful because He proved that He loved me by constantly reminding me in His ways.

Terakhir banget nih, gue juga diingetin kalau di saat kita kena masalah atau hal yang ga mengenakkan, itu semua bukan berarti Tuhan ga peduli. Tuhan ga pernah bilang kalau anak Tuhan ga bakal kena tipu, Tuhan juga ga pernah bilang anak Tuhan ga bakal kena sakit-penyakit, tapi Tuhan janji kalau dia ada dalam situasi apapun dalam hidup kita, dan gue bersyukur banget karena Tuhan selalu ada buat gue, dan gue percaya even in bad circumstances, there are always good things and they also teach you how to be stronger :)

"Dear brothers and sisters, when troubles come your way, consider it an opportunity for great joy. For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. So let it grow, for when your endurance is fully developed, you will be perfect and complete, needing nothing" - James 1:2-4

Twenty Four

My teenage self would have probably freaked out if I was imagining on how eventually I finally reach this age. I was so scared by the thought of growing up (particularly, old), but now when this is actually happening, hey it wasn't really all that bad :) 

There were so many things happening this past year and I learned that 23 was really the point where I started my life as an 'official' adult and where life struggles are real. Another thing that I learned is that maturity doesn't always come in one package with aging, but every day in our life has been giving us new opportunities to learn and grow through the process of living itself, so it's up to us to or not to take advantages from them.

The day before my birthday I was actually doing the same things I always do, going to work, watched TV and went to bed early, expecting nothing much for the next day. But it was nice waking up to warm and loving 'happy birthday' texts, realizing how much you have been blessed with the overflowing love from the people around you.

I actually thought that I'd be fine with just a few people around me as long as I know they sincerely care about me, but yesterday I was so overwhelmed by the blessings that I have been receiving and I truly felt like I didn't deserve any of them. What goodness have I done to have deserve such love and care from you guys? But at the end of the day, I realized that it was nothing but God's grace and I am nothing but thankful, really.

Twenty three has been one exciting journey and I believe God has prepared so much goodness waiting for me at the future, and what will make the journey even more worth walking is that I have so many good family and friends to accompany me through this walk of life :)

PS. Don't mind my weird pose, it's just me imagining getting a birthday kiss from my imaginary boyfriend LOL #ForeverAloneNot

About Letting Go

Image Credit: The Worship Project
let someone/something go 
1. allow someone/something to escape or go free
2. relinquish one's grip on someone/something

Thought I'd let myself share a little bit about something that has happened to me not too long ago. I have no intention to 'brag' about my personal matter to the world, but to me this is just a simple self reminder on how sometimes aching is just one of God's way to teach us valuable things in life.

I am a believer that everyone who came into our life where meant for some reasoning, and maybe most of the time is to let us earn and 'exchanging' things to each other, like exchanging love, or either life lessons. Well, can't deny that there are cases where people do exchange hatred too. But one thing that is also certain, though people came, apparently just like what we've been told all the time, they don't always stay.

It's not as easy as seeing the rain falls, instead it may hurt so much when those that you thought would always be there for you, who were always there, just aren't anymore. But if you come and think about it closely, is there just anything you can do about it?

Just like you, other people have the rights to choose the life they wanted to live. When they chose to leave and leaving made them happy, then please, do let them go. If they really matter to you, you'll know that there is nothing you wanted to see them for instead of being happy, even when their happiness does not include you inside.

It's okay to cry, really. Sometimes crying is nothing but a proof that you're alive and you still have feelings, which is good for you. Find somewhere safe where no one can see you and cry as much as you can, because it's not everyday you got to see yourself like this, so a cheat day won't harm nobody. After you had your good cry, tell yourself that it'd get better in time, all you need is just some time to recover and just like every other wound, they heal themselves, if you just give them enough time. Besides, you also the special privilege to 'enjoy' those sad songs the way it didn't usually do because only at these times those songs feel like singing for you.

When you think you're ready to leave, there's one thing you need to make sure of. Check your bag, you will want to make sure you don't carry the excess of those 'junk' with you. Because when you decided that you wanted to move on with your life, you need to be sure that you don't bring any sadness, regrets, self pity or other negativity (and of course, those dirty tissues you used to wipe your tears and snots) with you since you just won't be needing them anymore.

You are not letting go of the memories, you're just letting the people who were in it to set free and reach for their own version of happiness. When you walk to the future, you'll realize that it's not only those people that you managed to let go, but you've also set yourself free from the past that have been sitting on the shelves, collecting dusts for too long. After that you'll know that you're ready for the future He has prepared for you, but all along was waiting for you to be ready to pursue. It might just have been time for you, my dear.

"For all the air that's in your lungs, for all the joy that is to come. For all the things that you're alive to feel, just let the pain remind you hearts can heal" - Hate to See Your Heart Break (Paramore)


Gue memutuskan untuk membahas topik ini semenjak pembicaraan gue sama Etin (hey girl!) beberapa waktu lalu di Ayam Penyet Bu Kris #HarusBangetBilangDimana. Waktu itu kita lagi ngebahas salah satu permasalahan yang sedang dihadapi sama orang di sekitarnya dia, dan pas banget kebetulan juga gue ga lama baru menemukan 'kasus' yang kurang lebih sama.

Overestimating, kayanya itu kata yang ga gitu sering kita denger. Kalo temennya si 'underestimate' sih sering banget kayanya yah kita temuin dalam pembicaraan atau kehidupan sehari-hari kita, padahal ya mungkin sebenernya kita sendiri itu suka ga sadar kalo kita sering ngelakuin itu.

Setelah melalui pemikiran-pemikiran yang sebenernya sering kali ga begitu penting, gue mendapatkan kesimpulan kalau overestimating itu sebenernya beda tipis banget sama kesombongan, cuman menurut gue perbedaannya ada di sini: kalo sombong itu kita merasa diri kita lebih baik dalam aspek-aspek tertentu dari orang lain (misalnya lebih cantik, lebih kaya, lebih pinter dll) atau di saat kita ngerasa mampu atau menganggap segala sesuatu itu sepele, itu namanya kita sombong. Tapi di sisi lain di saat kita itu lagi overestimating, kita itu memandang sesuatu dari segi yang berlebihan, yang mungkin ga sepenuhnya (belum tentu) bener. Daaaan sering kali, kita itu ga sadar kalau kita uda ngelakuin itu.

Masih soal perbedaannya dengan kesombongan, kalau dari sisi lain yang gue lihat, sombong itu lebih ke perbandingan dengan orang lain, tapi kalau overestimating itu adalah masalah kita sama diri kita sendiri, in which when it happens, subjek yang dirugikan sebenarnya ya kita sendiri juga.

Setelah gue meneliti diri gue dan beberapa 'kasus' yang pernah gue temuin, berikut beberapa poin tentang tanda-tanda kalau kita itu lagi overestimating. Again, you know, just my two cents:
  1. You feel like you carry the world's weight on your back.
    Sebenarnya lebih gampangnya kaya kita itu ngerasa kalau masalah yang kita hadapi itu berat banget, lebaynya uda kaya orang paling susah sedunia aja. Jadi dalam kasus ini tuh lebih kaya melebih-lebihkan masalah yang kita hadapin padahal mungkin aja kita sebenernya cuma perlu ngerubah sudut pandang dalam memahami persoalan ato masalah itu.

    By the way, do you realize that how most of the times we can relate to songs? Like if the songs were made for us, kaya bisa pas banget gitu menggambarkan perasaan kita? Menurut gue, itu adalah satu bukti kalau sebenernya banyak orang bisa relate ke satu permasalahan yang sama, which means, you are not alone, dealing with all your problems, so there's no need to overestimate it (in this case, the problems we're dealing with).

  2. You keep thinking that certain people dislike you and that bothers you a lot.
    Nah ini nih salah satu poin yang menurut gue menarik, 'overestimating yourself'. Ada satu saat dimana gue ketemu orang yang merasa orang-orang itu ga suka sama dia, bahkan istilahnya kaya sampe pengen 'menyingkirkan' dia dari komunitasnya, beneran deh sampe segitunya. Tapi itu menyadarkan gue kalau sebenarnya kita juga pasti pernah ngerasa kaya gitu, kalau ada yang ga seneng sama kita, selalu ngejelek-jelekin kita ato apa, padahal belum tentu loh ya.

    Ibaratnya gini, kita di sininya uda sepet banget sama ini orang karena kita ngira kalo dia sensi ato apalah sama kita, tapi ternyata orangnya di sana juga boro-boro deh mikirin kita sampe niat banget jelek-jelekin kita, jangan-jangan malah kita sama sekali ga pernah lewat di otaknya dia. Di saat kita lagi keki sama itu orang, doinya malah lagi sibuk makan eskrim sambil foto-foto pencitraan buat dipasang di Instagram #ContohYangAneh. Yang harus kita inget banget itu, everyone deals with their own problem dan ya ga semua orang punya waktu dan tenaga buat mikirin orang lain lagi. Even if it's true, why bother thinking about people that don't even matter?

  3. Assuming that you are 'that' irreplaceable.
    Kalo poin yang ini nih yang paling kena ke gue sebenernya, dan sebenernya baru aja kejadian belakangan ini #CurcolMba #BisaAjaCuriCuriKesempatan #LOL never mind. Hmm, jadi kalau di poin yang ini tuh gue diingetin kalo in this such a big world, kita itu sebenernya bisa dengan gampang banget digantiin posisinya sama orang lain, dalam segi apapun. That is why it leads me to another life challenge dimana dengan hidup kita yang sebenernya kecil banget ini, gimana sih caranya kita biar kita bisa ngasih dampak yang lebih lagi ke orang lain? How do we actually make our capacity bigger? I am still figuring this thing out too.
Well, those are pretty much things I wanted to share this time. Gimana, pernah ga sih relate sama keadaan-keadaan di atas? Seperti biasa, sebenernya gue nulis post ini juga pure karena gue pengen bisa ngingetin diri gue tentang pelajaran-pelajaran yang gue dapetin, and besides, sharing is caring, right? Hope this post brings positive message to anyone who's reading. God bless you, guys!

100 Things I Am Thankful For

Good things need to be shared and spread! That is why when I saw this post, I knew that I've got to do another take on this again. Took me not too much time to write all these 100 things that actually made me happy or feeling thankful. I personally think that this is a good way to remind myself that sometimes life is not always about chasing big things, but those little things in life are actually the ones that we need to cherish most, not to take them for granted, do you agree not?
  1. Taking city bus trip while listening to le old iPod.
  2. Soft candies, QQ 糖, 橡皮糖, whatever you call it.
  3. Bread and cakes with chocolate sprinkles, these can't go wrong.
  4. Private me time after long day from work.
  5. The smell of freshly changed bed sheets.
  6. Clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds as the ornaments.
  7. Mc Donald's Choco Top.
  8. Overseas work trip.
  9. Hair that doesn't go cray cray after sleep. 
  10. Long night sleep. 
  11. Hot shower and the in-between-shower deep thoughts LOL.
  12. Warm wind hair dryer.
  13. Eyebrow pencil and eyeliner that tell that I'm actually awake.
  14. Cute people's daily vlogs. 
  15. When I have time (and intentions) to do my nails.
  16. My phone who saved me from boring and awkward situations.
  17. Online shopping which makes life so much easier.
  18. Dinner time after work with colleagues.
  19. Procrastinating on working time to kill dullness (not too often, #reallynotreally).
  20. Mc Donald's Happy Meal Minions figurines.
  21. Free food treats.
  22. Magnum Infinity.
  23. Sharing colorful band aids with friends who got hurt.
  24. Going to bed without having to set the alarm on.
  25. Good people who just called to say "Hi!".
  26. Funny group pictures on TPIP's Instagram.
  27. Topics and photos that is blog-worthy.
  28. Kepala Djenggot hot green tea after lunch.
  29. Free Garfield mug I got from Darlie toothpaste LOL.
  30. Writing on greetings card.
  31. Being excited about future plans.
  32. My new cheap Stradivarius red wallet.
  33. Putting X's on my office desk calendar.
  34. Organized working space 
  35. Receiving le monthly Happy Mail subscriptions. 
  36. Baso lima ribu plus Indomie rebus time with coworkers.
  37. Hearing someone told me I lost weight.
  38. Martabak manis coklat keju (with crispy sides, please).
  39. Sometimes orange sometimes pinkish twilight view.
  40. Starry nights and the bright shining moon.
  41. Being able to laugh at self careless actions or silly mistakes.
  42. Solo time on KTV #bancikaraoke.
  43. Take away nasi padang with extra 'lado' and gulai nangka #nelenludah.
  44. A scoop of Island Creamery's Tim Tam Milo.
  45. Being able to 'parkir mundur' perfectly at a one go.
  46. Baby Flindt's photo updates.
  47. Rare breakfast chance before office.
  48. Winning over temptation to snack (which rarely happen).
  49. Nasi uduk Pawon and the fried chicken and the sambel terasi. 
  50. Reaching 10,000 steps target in a day.
  51. Looking at my pretty blog header.
  52. Personalized and handmade gifts.
  53. Pretty book covers.
  54. Writing my schedules on le monthly planner.
  55. Donuts related DIY's.
  56. Organized bag.
  57. When my socks doesn't show while I was wearing flats.
  58. Writing blessings on my journal.
  59. Teasing my sister.
  60. Making other people laugh.
  61. The Body Shop's papaya body butter.
  62. My 5 years old iPod Shuffle.
  63. Looking at old tagged photos on Facebook.
  64. JCo's frozen yogurt
  65. When my photos on IG gets more than 50 likes LOL #bancilikes #hauspengakuan #abaikan.
  66. When my Mom told me that a little girl in church that I rarely meet asked about me and actually said, "Cece Sastika kapan pulang?" #awwyou #toosweeticanteven.
  67. Listening to good news from old friends.
  68. Long fingers.
  69. Not having to squeezed into my jeans. 
  70. Carrying cute pretty babies.
  71. Not losing too much hair after drying it.
  72. Being able to learn from others bad experiences without having to go through it before hand.
  73. My super stalking spying skill #muahahaha.
  74. When size 39 shoes actually fit.
  75. Finding a bag that doesn't have to be filled with things just to have shape.
  76. Office hour that ended early.
  77. Family vacations, especially on CNY.
  78. Not being dependent to other people.
  79. When people don't go hating on each other and judging others for their mistakes (or when people actually can care more to their own life rather than go lecturing others for sinning differently).
  80. Nagging at my brother for calling me (since I hate talking on the phone) but I am actually glad that he's reminded of me and called just to spend time talking to me.
  81. Funny emoticons Dad used on Wechat.
  82. People who actually wanted to spare their time to meet me.
  83. Good movies on long flights.
  84. Marking my calendars and counting down to things or dates that excite me.
  85. Reading at my friends' blog posts.
  86. Not having to worry about what to wear on the next day.
  87. Waking up late and realizing it's actually a weekend #somuchwin.
  88. Pudding and jelly.
  89. Spending less than 20K for a whole meal.
  90. Editing photos with phone applications.
  91. Scrolling at "Photos You've Liked" feeds on Instagram.
  92. Family dinner with all complete members.
  93. Reading at old blog posts.
  94. Fellowship after Saturday youth service.
  95. Knowing that I have more than enough of everything I've ever needed, by grace.
  96. Jesus who died for me at the cross.
  97. Cute babies photos and videos on Instagram.
  98. Those who still managed to stay with the way I am and never leave even when the times I can turn to be difficult or cold as a person.
  99. Family which sometimes I took for granted but never be doubted reserved a special place.
  100. People from the past who taught me to be strong even after the storm, who helped to shape me to become the person I am.

All Aboard The Feels Train!

When I wrote this, I was still at the office and the fact that I just spent my last week at Guangzhou still feels surreal to me. I could still remember clearly the moment I reached the town, every step I took literally gave me goosebumps, and I'm not even exaggerating, really.

The way I described the feeling was that everything felt so familiar, but at the same time so strange to me, as I told everyone, "感觉很熟悉但也是很陌生" - it's a weird feeling, I don't know if that's even possible but that's really how I felt about it. 

But the most important thing is that I am beyond thankful for the sweet memories that I got to make there with my family and friends, that I was able to spend times with those I love, to eat food I've been missing #TeamMalatang, for every single thing!

I also told my sister that the past week I spent at Guangzhou was probably the happiest week for me so far in 2015 and she just couldn't believe it LOL, but I really meant it. I actually have this feeling that it would be the last time for me going to Guangzhou, but well only for this time.. I actually hope that I was wrong :)

Look Who's All Grown Up

After my bro's and my graduation, it has finally come to my sister's turn of graduating. I hardly can believe it since I could still remember very clearly the days she just came to Guangzhou and joining the life as "留学生".

The rare chance that we had was that all family members (including our Amah!) were there to celebrate the good day. On my bro's graduation ceremony, it was just me and my Mom, while it was only my sister when it came to mine. So days like these really deserve gratitude and thankfulness.

Officially welcoming le sis to the life as an adult! Days may not always get easier, but I believe that with the protection of the Holy Spirit and the love from God and all people around you, the journey will be worth walking and fighting for :)

Things That Made My Days

Well this is a spontaneous post but the thing is I am soooooo in a great mood today that I have to write things here just so that today doesn't just pass away like that. So here are a few things that really made me happy these days:

1. I have been getting too many things for myself, though it's not like I should have rewarded myself for doing something good. My hauls for this month were: a camera dry box, a new bag, a pair of Uniqlo's ultra-stretch trousers, some new tops and probably some other few things I couldn't recall at the moment. Psst, please don't tell my Mom.

2. Work these days have been pretty smooth; I wasn't really too busy but at the same time also not being too 'magabut' (LOL), so I feel good about it. Besides, there will be a week Lebaran break next month, which I am pretty excited about.

3. Mc Donald's happy meal now comes with Minions figurines and they were so freaking cute. I have collected 3 out of 10 styles they have, but I really don't think I'll be able to manage eating the same thing every single day for another week, but I'll probably gonna get myself another Happy Meal again tomorrow #pokerface.

4. My parents, brother and Amah are currently in China for a vacation and also for my sister's graduation this upcoming Saturday. Looking at their photos, though I envy them so much (because I wasn't there) but I am so happy to see them spending good times together. And it was my bro's first time ever for his Hong Kong and China trip, which made him super excited about it, so I am happy for him too :)

5. Relaxing weekends. I happened to spend these last two weekends at Karawaci and it actually was pretty fun. I could be waking up late, going for some walk at the shopping mall, going to the book store and also to the church. Oh right, I did go to Jakarta and spent time with a few friends for desserts after dinner, and there was also a dog's day out event at PIK which allowed me to look at some cute doggies.

6. My new blog header!! This was the thing that really made my day today!! I really really like it and it made me feel excited to write things again at the blog. Thanks to my best-designer-ever friend, Bagoes - this thing didn't even take long for him to finish, that is why I said he is a genius in the matter of design. Just give him the trophy already!

The Sleeping Tigers

These are some photos of my safari trip last month. Went there with Agustine, Etin and Meity and it was my first safari experience. I found out that it's really weird for Jakartans to hear that some people had never been to Taman Safari. When some asked me what I was up to on the weekend and I said going on safari trip, all they said was, "Hah? Lo belum pernah emangnya?". Yeah, blame us for growing up at small cities.

Anyway, I put up some very high expectations before going there but turned out I was not disappointed at all. Totally the best 150K I've ever spent in my whole life!! With that amount of money we paid, we actually could enjoy looking at the super duper cute animals, feed them carrots ourselves, watch attractions like the dolphin show, cowboy show, and many others. Besides, if with that money we are actually helping to feed the animals and the conservation, I think it is super worth it! I really hope that they would eat more and get fatter and healthier and chubbier hehe..

We spent the whole day there from the morning until the sun almost set. It was indeed a one fine day for me because I got to spend time outside Jakarta with my dear friends, which is a pretty rare chance. I got myself some new favorite animals too, they were: hippos (dem booty!! LOL), giraffes #KwangSooYaaaaaa and also the penguins :)