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Reminiscing Old Childhood Dreams

Got this random idea to write about some of le childhood dreams while browsing through old blog posts which I think will be a fun thing to read in another five years or ten. I did mention a little bit of this in this post though, so well, here we go:

1. Starring on my own soap opera show
Soap opera sounded too cool though, I probably should add a 'cheap' before the two words. The idea came from an Indonesian old children soap opera which got really famous at that time; Bidadari. I used to think that I had some quite similar life with the main star: always being bullied at home and was the girl with the most terrible life in the whole world - the difference were only that I didn't own a stepmother and some pretty fairy godmother with a magical wand who will come and comfort me and help me whenever I sobbed (and of course, I wasn't as pretty too LMAO). You can't blame me for being such a drama queen now because it is in my blood, I had always been like that! Did it become reality? Nah, of course not. Just remembering it already put me on a good shame.

2. Become a teacher
While most of my friends and kids in general while I was in primary school wanted to be doctors, there I was telling everyone that I wanted to be a teacher - I didn't even know what was in my mind. Later when I got to junior high school I no longer wanted to be one because I found out teachers got some really low paychecks. If you are asking, I now didn't turn out to be a teacher, BUT GOT REALLY CLOSE TO IT! Realized this when I was in college: didn't know if it was 'written' in my destiny but ended up majoring Chinese Education on my subject.

3. Buy myself an apartment and a nice car
It sounded quite simple, but yet until now hasn't quite turned into reality. It is strange that since I was little I have always been dreaming of living on my own, having my own space where no one can interrupt. Have I always been that 'anti social'? 

4. Attend Bible college
I have always been that girl who went to church almost everyday in the week and participated in many kinds of church ministry. I was so sure back then that I wanted to serve God even more and I thought being a preacher was the one way. My plan was to finish my bachelor degree first before taking the Bible school, but at the end when time went by, people like me also changed. But we'll never know what future's going to bring us, so who knows, who might just know.

5. Go abroad for college
Many might think that this shouldn't be a 'dream' since this doesn't sound so impossible to have, right? Well, it was to me back then. My family's wealth was an okay one, we have everything more that we need but my parents always needed extra money to pay for my brother's medication so I didn't want them having to work harder just so I could go to college abroad. I already imagined myself attending some night college in my town while working at a bank on the day. Sounded like a perfect plan though to me, before I knew that I was able to go to China for college, without having to pay for tuition fee since it was for a government scholarship program. God really knows how to work on His ways of wonders, eh? 

I feel like childhood dreams are really great, because back then you didn't really think if you could achieve all them or how you're going to achieve them. All you thought about was just "I want to be this" or "I want to have this" as simple as that. Now that you're older and no longer are a kid, you may hesitate and probably will think like, "Can I really do it?". But hesitation is pretty normal to adults, isn't it? However if you are able to overcome the hesitation and fears then it would be super great.

These are some I could come up with for now and probably will add again if there are more. I wanted to tag some of my friends to do this and tell us if they become reality or not, or if you're working on it - just because it is fun to do (and also because I am kaypoh just like that). I remembered my good friend, Jane did write something related to this on her post 'Chasing Childhood Dreams' but didn't really mention what her childhood dreams were, so I challenge you, my friend! Muahahaha. The other friend I would like to challenge is a friend who told me she got really excited to start her blogging again; Shirley Wijaya, you got tagged also! I'll wait until you already settled on your new blog hihi ;) Some other friends I would love to tag also (if I am allowed to): Yudi Suseno, Dannah Tan and Sefti. And to anyone who's reading and wanted to do the same thing, I would so love to read them! It will be nice if you let me know and this is of course not mandatory, do it if you feel like it :)

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