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Things That Made My Days

Well this is a spontaneous post but the thing is I am soooooo in a great mood today that I have to write things here just so that today doesn't just pass away like that. So here are a few things that really made me happy these days:

1. I have been getting too many things for myself, though it's not like I should have rewarded myself for doing something good. My hauls for this month were: a camera dry box, a new bag, a pair of Uniqlo's ultra-stretch trousers, some new tops and probably some other few things I couldn't recall at the moment. Psst, please don't tell my Mom.

2. Work these days have been pretty smooth; I wasn't really too busy but at the same time also not being too 'magabut' (LOL), so I feel good about it. Besides, there will be a week Lebaran break next month, which I am pretty excited about.

3. Mc Donald's happy meal now comes with Minions figurines and they were so freaking cute. I have collected 3 out of 10 styles they have, but I really don't think I'll be able to manage eating the same thing every single day for another week, but I'll probably gonna get myself another Happy Meal again tomorrow #pokerface.

4. My parents, brother and Amah are currently in China for a vacation and also for my sister's graduation this upcoming Saturday. Looking at their photos, though I envy them so much (because I wasn't there) but I am so happy to see them spending good times together. And it was my bro's first time ever for his Hong Kong and China trip, which made him super excited about it, so I am happy for him too :)

5. Relaxing weekends. I happened to spend these last two weekends at Karawaci and it actually was pretty fun. I could be waking up late, going for some walk at the shopping mall, going to the book store and also to the church. Oh right, I did go to Jakarta and spent time with a few friends for desserts after dinner, and there was also a dog's day out event at PIK which allowed me to look at some cute doggies.

6. My new blog header!! This was the thing that really made my day today!! I really really like it and it made me feel excited to write things again at the blog. Thanks to my best-designer-ever friend, Bagoes - this thing didn't even take long for him to finish, that is why I said he is a genius in the matter of design. Just give him the trophy already!

The Sleeping Tigers

These are some photos of my safari trip last month. Went there with Agustine, Etin and Meity and it was my first safari experience. I found out that it's really weird for Jakartans to hear that some people had never been to Taman Safari. When some asked me what I was up to on the weekend and I said going on safari trip, all they said was, "Hah? Lo belum pernah emangnya?". Yeah, blame us for growing up at small cities.

Anyway, I put up some very high expectations before going there but turned out I was not disappointed at all. Totally the best 150K I've ever spent in my whole life!! With that amount of money we paid, we actually could enjoy looking at the super duper cute animals, feed them carrots ourselves, watch attractions like the dolphin show, cowboy show, and many others. Besides, if with that money we are actually helping to feed the animals and the conservation, I think it is super worth it! I really hope that they would eat more and get fatter and healthier and chubbier hehe..

We spent the whole day there from the morning until the sun almost set. It was indeed a one fine day for me because I got to spend time outside Jakarta with my dear friends, which is a pretty rare chance. I got myself some new favorite animals too, they were: hippos (dem booty!! LOL), giraffes #KwangSooYaaaaaa and also the penguins :)