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100 Things I Am Thankful For

Good things need to be shared and spread! That is why when I saw this post, I knew that I've got to do another take on this again. Took me not too much time to write all these 100 things that actually made me happy or feeling thankful. I personally think that this is a good way to remind myself that sometimes life is not always about chasing big things, but those little things in life are actually the ones that we need to cherish most, not to take them for granted, do you agree not?
  1. Taking city bus trip while listening to le old iPod.
  2. Soft candies, QQ 糖, 橡皮糖, whatever you call it.
  3. Bread and cakes with chocolate sprinkles, these can't go wrong.
  4. Private me time after long day from work.
  5. The smell of freshly changed bed sheets.
  6. Clear blue sky with white fluffy clouds as the ornaments.
  7. Mc Donald's Choco Top.
  8. Overseas work trip.
  9. Hair that doesn't go cray cray after sleep. 
  10. Long night sleep. 
  11. Hot shower and the in-between-shower deep thoughts LOL.
  12. Warm wind hair dryer.
  13. Eyebrow pencil and eyeliner that tell that I'm actually awake.
  14. Cute people's daily vlogs. 
  15. When I have time (and intentions) to do my nails.
  16. My phone who saved me from boring and awkward situations.
  17. Online shopping which makes life so much easier.
  18. Dinner time after work with colleagues.
  19. Procrastinating on working time to kill dullness (not too often, #reallynotreally).
  20. Mc Donald's Happy Meal Minions figurines.
  21. Free food treats.
  22. Magnum Infinity.
  23. Sharing colorful band aids with friends who got hurt.
  24. Going to bed without having to set the alarm on.
  25. Good people who just called to say "Hi!".
  26. Funny group pictures on TPIP's Instagram.
  27. Topics and photos that is blog-worthy.
  28. Kepala Djenggot hot green tea after lunch.
  29. Free Garfield mug I got from Darlie toothpaste LOL.
  30. Writing on greetings card.
  31. Being excited about future plans.
  32. My new cheap Stradivarius red wallet.
  33. Putting X's on my office desk calendar.
  34. Organized working space 
  35. Receiving le monthly Happy Mail subscriptions. 
  36. Baso lima ribu plus Indomie rebus time with coworkers.
  37. Hearing someone told me I lost weight.
  38. Martabak manis coklat keju (with crispy sides, please).
  39. Sometimes orange sometimes pinkish twilight view.
  40. Starry nights and the bright shining moon.
  41. Being able to laugh at self careless actions or silly mistakes.
  42. Solo time on KTV #bancikaraoke.
  43. Take away nasi padang with extra 'lado' and gulai nangka #nelenludah.
  44. A scoop of Island Creamery's Tim Tam Milo.
  45. Being able to 'parkir mundur' perfectly at a one go.
  46. Baby Flindt's photo updates.
  47. Rare breakfast chance before office.
  48. Winning over temptation to snack (which rarely happen).
  49. Nasi uduk Pawon and the fried chicken and the sambel terasi. 
  50. Reaching 10,000 steps target in a day.
  51. Looking at my pretty blog header.
  52. Personalized and handmade gifts.
  53. Pretty book covers.
  54. Writing my schedules on le monthly planner.
  55. Donuts related DIY's.
  56. Organized bag.
  57. When my socks doesn't show while I was wearing flats.
  58. Writing blessings on my journal.
  59. Teasing my sister.
  60. Making other people laugh.
  61. The Body Shop's papaya body butter.
  62. My 5 years old iPod Shuffle.
  63. Looking at old tagged photos on Facebook.
  64. JCo's frozen yogurt
  65. When my photos on IG gets more than 50 likes LOL #bancilikes #hauspengakuan #abaikan.
  66. When my Mom told me that a little girl in church that I rarely meet asked about me and actually said, "Cece Sastika kapan pulang?" #awwyou #toosweeticanteven.
  67. Listening to good news from old friends.
  68. Long fingers.
  69. Not having to squeezed into my jeans. 
  70. Carrying cute pretty babies.
  71. Not losing too much hair after drying it.
  72. Being able to learn from others bad experiences without having to go through it before hand.
  73. My super stalking spying skill #muahahaha.
  74. When size 39 shoes actually fit.
  75. Finding a bag that doesn't have to be filled with things just to have shape.
  76. Office hour that ended early.
  77. Family vacations, especially on CNY.
  78. Not being dependent to other people.
  79. When people don't go hating on each other and judging others for their mistakes (or when people actually can care more to their own life rather than go lecturing others for sinning differently).
  80. Nagging at my brother for calling me (since I hate talking on the phone) but I am actually glad that he's reminded of me and called just to spend time talking to me.
  81. Funny emoticons Dad used on Wechat.
  82. People who actually wanted to spare their time to meet me.
  83. Good movies on long flights.
  84. Marking my calendars and counting down to things or dates that excite me.
  85. Reading at my friends' blog posts.
  86. Not having to worry about what to wear on the next day.
  87. Waking up late and realizing it's actually a weekend #somuchwin.
  88. Pudding and jelly.
  89. Spending less than 20K for a whole meal.
  90. Editing photos with phone applications.
  91. Scrolling at "Photos You've Liked" feeds on Instagram.
  92. Family dinner with all complete members.
  93. Reading at old blog posts.
  94. Fellowship after Saturday youth service.
  95. Knowing that I have more than enough of everything I've ever needed, by grace.
  96. Jesus who died for me at the cross.
  97. Cute babies photos and videos on Instagram.
  98. Those who still managed to stay with the way I am and never leave even when the times I can turn to be difficult or cold as a person.
  99. Family which sometimes I took for granted but never be doubted reserved a special place.
  100. People from the past who taught me to be strong even after the storm, who helped to shape me to become the person I am.


  1. pretty post :) I'm more into morning view. I once got a turquoise view after told God to having me a stunning tomorrow the night before! GodBless, and look forward for your next 100 things to thankful for.

  2. I love reading happiness list! I have read that list you mentioned before. Definitely going to make mine *klik new post*. I can relate to some of your list, dan kebanyakan happiness itu comes from good food yah hahahaha *toss*. Happy weekend my dear! <3

  3. Hi there, thanks for dropping by my blog and also for taking your time to comment here. Whoaaa since I am so not a morning person, I never really got chances to experience many morning views. Now that I really want to know how turquoise sky looks like, lucky you!

    You don't know how much it means to me when you say that this actually inspires you, totally made my day. Really, thank you. And God bless your pretty soul too ♥

  4. Yaaa I know right, I enjoy reading it too. Kalo kata Ayi Nelly kan urusan Jawa Tengah itu yang paling gampang buat merebut hati yah (you know what I mean) hahaha. Can't wait too read yours, have a blessed Monday my dear ♥