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Twenty Four

My teenage self would have probably freaked out if I was imagining on how eventually I finally reach this age. I was so scared by the thought of growing up (particularly, old), but now when this is actually happening, hey it wasn't really all that bad :) 

There were so many things happening this past year and I learned that 23 was really the point where I started my life as an 'official' adult and where life struggles are real. Another thing that I learned is that maturity doesn't always come in one package with aging, but every day in our life has been giving us new opportunities to learn and grow through the process of living itself, so it's up to us to or not to take advantages from them.

The day before my birthday I was actually doing the same things I always do, going to work, watched TV and went to bed early, expecting nothing much for the next day. But it was nice waking up to warm and loving 'happy birthday' texts, realizing how much you have been blessed with the overflowing love from the people around you.

I actually thought that I'd be fine with just a few people around me as long as I know they sincerely care about me, but yesterday I was so overwhelmed by the blessings that I have been receiving and I truly felt like I didn't deserve any of them. What goodness have I done to have deserve such love and care from you guys? But at the end of the day, I realized that it was nothing but God's grace and I am nothing but thankful, really.

Twenty three has been one exciting journey and I believe God has prepared so much goodness waiting for me at the future, and what will make the journey even more worth walking is that I have so many good family and friends to accompany me through this walk of life :)

PS. Don't mind my weird pose, it's just me imagining getting a birthday kiss from my imaginary boyfriend LOL #ForeverAloneNot

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