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Go Glamping!

Just a few weeks ago, I just went on an exciting yet relaxing glamping experience with my fellow coworkers. The beautiful glamping area was called "Legok Kondang" and it was located at Ciwidey, not too far from one of Bandung's most popular tourist spots, Kawah Putih.

We spent three days and two nights there, doing some fun activities together like playing games, doing random chit-chats and also of course, eating lots of food. I personally feel like it was so much fun, but the best part is when we don't have to attend office for two days LOL. The other random thing is that I reminded myself that I am allergic to alcoholic drinks and brought home hands and neck with red spots and itchy feelings .___.

But it's okay, it's the fun that counts! Looking forward for more trips like this in the future and after this, I'll just let the pictures do the talking. See you on the next posts!

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