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2015 Highlighted

Finally! I have been waiting for myself to have the time (and of course, intention) to write this post. As what I usually did every year, this time I'm going to do another recap of some big and most memorable moments of the year of twenty fifteen. By the way, before I go on, let me wish every one a happy and blessed new year. Hoping that you guys were having some great time with your friends or family :)

1. Sastika Finally Started Hitting The Gym
This might not be a big deal to most people, but however it was pretty an achievement to me since I know how lazy I was am when it comes to sports or things alike. One of my 2015 goal was actually to live healthier lifestyle and also lose some weight. Now the problem I need to work on is finding out a way to get myself BACK to it again :))

2. Bandung Weekend Getaways
I went two times to Bandung this year for some weekends getaway with le friends. The first one is when I went with Agustine on February and the second one was with some of my office colleagues on May. I am soooooo looking forward for more trips like these because they were so much fun!

3. CNY Family Trip to Bali.
One of the things I love doing most is spending time with my family, just because they are all so fun to hang out with and this trip was by far one of the bests.

4. Mayo Diet Experience
I kinda regretted doing this but at that time I was being too insecure about the way I looked and the numbers shown on the weights so I decided to give this 'hyped' diet plan a go. Though it managed to cut me some good (water) kilos, I don't think I'll go on this kind of diet ever again in the future. 

5. My Best Friends' Weddings
Two of my very good friends were getting married to the love of their lives and I was really honored to be a part of their weddings by being one of their bridesmaids. My sister from another mother, Felly, got married on April and Jane with her super beautiful wedding held at Bali just last October.

6. Overseas Work Trips
For 2015 they are Hong Kong (April) and Shanghai (October). I always knew that overseas work trips are always super tiring but I don't know why every time my business trip is confirmed I will feel super excited. Guess it's because it just feels good to sometimes escape your usual working desk and getting some new atmosphere, though it's just for a while, better than nothing.

7. My First Major Heartbreak of The Year
You may laugh at it but I was really saddened at that time. I believe it was on May where I began to question every single thing I had been doing and I wondered if I was doing the right thing - I believe some people have called it "twenty-something-life-crisis-phase" (or probably it was just me LOL). I planned to take one big life decision to go chasing one of my biggest "life dream" but it didn't go the way I thought it would. My heart broke when I've been told that sometimes dreams don't have to always become reality and apparently it's not always you to decide if your dreams were eligible enough to come true. But it's okay, it's all good now, I know I learned what I should have :)

8. Fun Safari
By far one of the most exciting things I've experienced in 2015 too. I remembered having so much fun that day and those cute animals OMG I just can't. 

9. Starting Church Ministry
This was actually another check marked on my 2015 so-called-resolutions. It was nothing much but I was really glad and thankful that I finally started taking part on the youth ministry and befriended some new friends. 

10. My Sister's Graduation
The little one graduated, man I feel old already. Not also that I was able to see her graduating, but my trip to Guangzhou had brought back all those nostalgic feelings.

11. My Second Major Heartbreak
At this point, I learned that sometimes, feeling hurt could actually be better than feeling nothing at all, at least it proved that I still have feelings, apparently. Even though I had to go through that super mellow phase (read: 'nangis-nangisan-di-airport-sok-ala-AADC' and with all those melancholic songs) but at the end I knew that it was just another phase of life I should experience. At least, now I can look back and have a good laugh about it :)

12. I Got Scammed
Just another expensive lesson I managed to earn along the journey of the year.

13. Turning 24
With the unlimited blessings from my good Lord and also the love of the people around me, I bet I am the most blessed person at the universe (a little exaggeration doesn't kill anyone, does it?). But the thought that it is just another year before I will become a-quarter-century-old honestly still freaks me out sometimes.

14. Two Car Accidents

The worst part was probably that it wasn't even my car at the first place. First accident happened on September and it was kinda a major one where I broke the half front part of the car body. The second one, I believe it was on November, wasn't too bad but it didn't make my carelessness any less unforgivable. I was fine though, not even a single scratch but it surely gave me another mental breakdown. But yeah, guess experiences would be my best teacher after all.

15. Exciting Two Days at Beijing
After some past bad traveling experiences, I wasn't actually too excited when my friend asked me to go to Beijing with her (which she ended up not going). But thankfully I had Claudia to be my tour guide for two days and all I knew was that I had ultimate fun (and took so many Instagram-worthy shots).

16. Going Glamping
Those three days and two nights surely got me and colleagues so much closer to each other, we did hang out a lot more often after the outing and now every body at the office looks like they're BFF to each other LOL.

17. Christmas Celebrations Here and There
I thought people celebrate Christmas only once a year, but last December I was on four different Christmas celebrations LOL. From GKY Karawaci, GBI Guangzhou, GKI Pekanbaru and also Christmas with TPIP kiddos, they surely don't call December "the best time of the year" for no reasons.

18. I Was Home for Christmas
Five days break definitely was too short! I was just staying at home all day, spending time with le family, didn't even call any friends for meet up but I felt like time was passing too fast before I had to leave back to Karawaci again. Oh, we did celebrate my parents' 26th wedding anniversary and after all those years, we also finally managed to take our first ever family 'formal' photo-shoot session.

19. New Year's Eve Hotpot
Good food and good friends were the highlights. I also had a very good large-cup bubble milk tea before the all-you-can-eat hotpot session began, happiness definitely just needs to be as simple as that!

It was surely a super long list going, but while writing this post I realized how much I have been blessed and I am thankful for all that has happened. As what Taylor Swift stated on one of her songs, "And life was never worse, but never better", this is my thought: it can't be any truer than that.

I knew that it was the year where I grew so much in thinking, planning and also doing things. I felt like God was soooo good to let me experience all the good things and also the pains that I knew were also there for good. Through heartbreaking moments I knew that He has always been there and He will always be, which is definitely something I will keep reminding myself never to take it for granted.

The other precious lesson I learned is that I knew I am truly blessed by having those around me. My family, my friends and almost every person around me are always very supportive when the time Sastika has become that complaining little monster. When time gets hard, I know that I am never to face all of it alone for I have them besides me and I am never ever less than thankful for getting to know them.

Soooooo, last words for 2015. Thank you, thank you for the experiences, excitements, happiness, blessings, sadness, heartbreaking moments, disappointments, all those precious life lessons, you have given me so much. Now let me give back by living life the fullest on this new year and make sure 2016 will be done as good as 2015, if not more :)