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A Little Note

It has been soooo long since the last time I opened this noisy laptop just to go and write something, but this time I just thought I need to write something here, though not sure if anyone’s going to have time to read all this but I believe my future self will happen to stumble here again and do so.

Just a couple weeks ago, I randomly chatted with a good girl friend about just some twenty something women obsessions to get married in another two or three years coming. I joked to her that I planned to get married on 2017 (where everyone knows I clearly, do not have any “calon” at the moment LOL). She joked back to remind me that I did not have much time since 2017 is just 9 months away from now, I laughed and said back to her, “Oh dear, you don’t know what can happen in a year, or a month, not even a day!”, which at that time, little did I know that I was so going to eat my own words.

The next day, I received a text message from Papa telling that my bro has fallen sick with a pretty severe disease which came to be a very big surprise for me. Now listen, girl. Lesson number one: you never know what can happen in the future, anything can happen anytime. You roger that?

So I called home and trying to understand what had been happening to have caused that to happen. Well, long story short, how it happened was not any coincidence for my bro has been getting some symptoms to the disease and he just ignored it without telling any of the family members, and also because of some misfortunes that also have caused the disease to occur.

My mom was so heartbroken seeing her son suffering, well which mom wouldn’t, right? And seeing Mom suffering like that was not an easy scene to watch for me too. Though I knew I didn’t suffer as much as my parents did, but my heart also broke for my bro. So again I was reminded, though we can be selfish about our own body and what we wanted to do with it, at least consider other people’s feeling too. Take care of your own body and health, because when you got sick, you don’t suffer alone, other people who care for you suffer too. And you know that when you love someone, you’ll never want to see them suffer, never to mention suffering because of you; that’s the last thing that will ever come to your mind.

The easiest question to answer was “Did any of us ever wanted this to happen?” because the ultimate answer will of course be, no. No one has ever expected bad things to happen in their lives, but another easy question was “Do we have the power to say no to misfortunes that could happen?” apparently we don’t.

Now that we know we actually do not have that power to decline bad things from happening, all we got to do is just deal with it! Though of course, it’s always easier said than done. But the thing I really wish to share was that I was truly feeling blessed that I have an awesome God by my side, giving me strength and hope to get through all these. And I can’t even express how grateful I am knowing that my family also knows God and they too rest in God’s arms because we all believed that there must be something good in every situation, though we still have to remember, what we thought is good for us is not always what’s best. But I chose to believe that He is in charge of everything until the tiniest one and it’s good to know that no matter what I will be going through, there is always Him to back me up.

I think the best thing in the world does not always mean to never experience bad things in life. What I really consider far more precious is that feeling when you know that even though through bad times, tears or pains, He is always there to give you strength to get through any kind of things and where hope and peace inside you are always present.

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