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The Long Walks - 2016 Singapore Photo Diary

Tell me guys, do you find it weird if I told you I had never been to Singapore before? Because a lot of my friends did say so. Well, technically I went to Singapore once, but it was when I took the transit during my last business trip to China. At least I breathed the Singapore air for a few hours, right? Alright, whatever Sas. But worry no more guys, because now I officially HAVE been to Singapore #proud #insertclappingemojihere.

Taking our Uber rides to the airport on one early Saturday morning, me and my company for two days, Agustine (a.k.a GOGI mate), were ready to start our weekend getaway! The night before, we still had no idea on where to go because I was too sleepy to do the planning, so we did our itinerary 1 hour before the flight, deciding on which places to visit on the first day. 

Since the time was pretty short, I knew that I was going to skip USS or Sentosa and wanting to go to some places less "mainstream", though ended up knowing that actually there is no such place in Singapore which is not mainstream LOL.

We picked Singapore Botanic Gardens as our first stop. I really wanted to go there because of some recommendations I saw on the internet saying that it was one of the "must-visit" in Singapore but strangely never heard of it.

Gladly saying that it was a perfect decision going there because I loved that place! The first thing to love was that you don't have to pay for the admission fee (unless you wanted to get into the orchid garden), the next thing to love was of course, the scenery! I think this place would be a perfect place to do some morning jog, evening stroll or for some fancy picnic with your loved ones. Highly recommending this place! PS. I skipped the orchid garden being a cheapo that I was am.

Based on a colleague's recommendation (thank you Joy!) we headed right to Tiong Bahru to try on (probably) one of the "hippest" bakery on the area, Plain Vanilla Bakery. Their cupcakes were pretty good and the ambience was really niceeee. Near the bakery, you'll also find some cute book stores around.

The next destination was Haji Lane. I'll have to honestly say that I really didn't get the hype of this place. I came with an expectation that it was some cool place with some good spots to take photos, but I personally think this place I went to when I was in Beijing was way more "Instagram-genic" (if you know what I'm saying) but well, these are some shots that I took.

Spent the rest of the first day going to Orchard Road because Agustine was getting some new kicks for herself and then heading to Clarke Quay just for doing some night strolling before heading back to our staying hostel. I have to tell you that for just this first day we had walked for 27,000+ steps and my legs were killing me until the point that I couldn't even sleep because I was way too tired LOL.

Blame it to the walking on the first day, I couldn't even walk properly on the second day and that was also the reason why we didn't manage to go to too many places since my leg couldn't afford too many steps anymore. But as the first destination of the day, we went to Singapore Art Museum and the on-going exhibit was Odyssey; Navigating Nameless Sea. I think it was my first time ever visiting an art museum and overall I was really enjoying the experience. Not too much photos of the art exhibition because we were prohibited to take photos inside the gallery. By the way, the tiles in this museum were love!

After museum, we headed to Gardens by The Bay just to have a quick look and my opinion was I really like Botanic Garden more. Don't get me wrong, I admit that GBTB was awesome in its very own way but I preferred the classic-styled park more than the modern looking garden. Maybe the reason I wasn't really enjoying it because I haven't seen the best part of the garden for I'm not paying the SGD 28 entrance fee, but at least I can now tell people that I have been there, right? LOL.

Well, those were pretty much the places we managed to visit on my first ever trip to Singapore. I was really enjoying this trip though it was quite tiring for the crazy walks (we walked total 45,000++ steps for two days!!) but those were really fun days I got to spent. The next thing I realized was how crazy expensive it was to buy things at Singapore it kinda scared me but overall it was really one memorable trip.

At last, I wanted to thank my travel-mate for two days (not sure if she's gonna read this anyway though LOL). Thank you Belly for the awesome trip, thank you for not bailing out even though I annoy you a lot with my cold jokes and unending complains about how my feet hurt LOL. Even when you said that you will not want to take any more trip with me anymore in the future, but I will make you no matter what, you can't escape me HAHAHA. But I promise you next time we sleep in a better place lah ;)

Here are some bonus pictures for you, guys. If you haven't known yet, there's this super beautiful cactus garden inside Changi Airport and the plants were sooo cute I can't even! This garden goes right to my future home garden goal list.