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Baby AF On His Way

Another baby boy to welcome! After the last baby shower we held for Baby J (he's already here by the way, yay!), I just had another baby shower for my elder sister, Felly. We spent an afternoon having lunch together and playing some fun games. The thing I like most about baby showers like this is when I see the mom-to-be has the special glow in her face, showing that she's happy and excited about becoming a mother. Wishing Ci Felly safe and smooth delivery, hope that everything will go well and baby AF will come out healthy :)

The Abigails

Wasn't being too excited when my friends asked me to go to the orphanage with them, but turned out it has become one of the most memorable days I have spent so far this year. I thought we were the one who came to bless them with food, things and our time, but I was wrong, again. Instead I was the one who felt extremely blessed for being able to be there, to see smiles on those faces and spent some time with them, and I thanked God for it :)

Expecting Baby J

I thought I am considered old enough already when there were a lot of weddings to attend, but I definitely forgot baby showers which usually come not too long after weddings LOL. So here we go, my first baby shower ever! (Though, not technically mine LOL.) We planned to surprise Jane, le mom-to-be and I'm glad that we did it! It was a simple shower but I think what matter most was the mom (and dad) were happy, which left all of us happy too. Can't wait to meet Baby J (a.k.a 阿钱) and hold him soon #ExcitedAuntieToBe :))