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25 Lessons on Being 25

  1. You don't need to befriend everyone, it's not like you got time for all that anyway.
  2. Hearts can heal - they will find their way and they never fail to, as long as you give them enough time and you're willing to let go of the pain of the past. 
  3. Bad things happening doesn't always mean that you're a bad person. Sometimes they do because they just need to and no matter how hard or awful the situation is, believe that you'll learn at least a thing or two from them. 
  4. What you think of yourself, you become. As much as you can't let other people bring you down by the way you let them treat you, do not ever let any negative sound in your head give you false understanding about who you are or who you need to be. 
  5. All you can hold in your hand is only today, you have no access key for tomorrow since it isn't even certain and don't dwell in regrets from the past because they don't make good friends with anyone. Live in the moment, try to make everyday you're living the best day ever. 
  6. Crying is no sign of weakness, it is just one of many ways human being expresses their feelings. But crying over the same thing all over again and again? Nah. 
  7. Write journals about your life, take photos and notes of your every day, you will appreciate it so much in the future and you will be thanking yourself for it. 
  8. There is no such thing as a dream too small or too big. No one reserves the rights to judge others' dreams. One of the things I hate hearing most is: "If your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough". Screw it, I don't need anyone to judge if my dreams are big enough or tell me what to do or how to dream. 
  9. One of the worst things you can do to a person is to judge them before even knowing them. Give new people time to let you know them more and after that, you're to judge which to do. It's either you like them, or feeling that it's best not to be anywhere near them. 
  10. Just because you can do something doesn't always mean you should.  Sometimes there are a lot to consider, name it other people's feelings, and also most of the time.. common sense. 
  11. It is okay to sometimes be clueless about how life should be or where you should be heading in life, it's just another part of living and the longer you walk the path, you'll know which to head to. 
  12. Be responsible of your own health. Drink more water, don't overeat and if you can, exercise. Because when you fall sick, you'll be dragging people around you too by making them worry and putting them into more trouble by having to take care of you. 
  13. It's not easy, but try your best not to take things for granted, people too. Because most of the time, we just don't know what we have until we no longer do. 
  14. Anything can happen in a day, not to mention a year. Do things you wanted to because who might just know there might be no another "next time". 
  15. Change not because you've been told to, change because you want to. As much as you've been told to never change yourself because of anybody else, don't expect people to change for you too. People will only change for good, when they decided that they wanted to.
  16. There is always something good in everything, though we often just can't see it. That's why train your eyes and heart to look different points of view, you'll be able to see that sometimes a good thing about a super bad day is that the next day most probably will be a better day. 
  17. You don't always have to make right decisions. That's a relief, isn't it? Sometimes, well a lot of the times, people screw up, we make mistakes. But that's okay, mistakes are always there to teach you a few precious life lessons.
  18. Don't get into arguments with idiots (read: people with no common sense), it only makes you look more stupid than them.
  19. If there's anyone who's willing to accept and take you back no matter how much you have screwed up your life and theirs, that's what you call a family. 
  20. Life is too small to be lived only for yourself, find a way to contribute more in other people's life, especially those in needs. 
  21. The rules are pretty simple; don't treat people the way you don't want to be treated, and so goes the other way; don't expect people to do what you won't for them. 
  22. People react differently, just because it is not hard for you, doesn't mean that it is the same with other people.
  23. Be true to your own feeling, when you love someone, make sure they know it, through words or if it's too hard, then action it is - show them that you care.
  24. Parents were not born as parents, they also took time to learn how to be good parents and it wasn't an easy job for them too. Be more understanding and don't let them worry too much about you. Make them proud. 
  25. Anything in life happens by the grace of God, name it good times, name it difficulties or life struggles. Even on bad times there's always a chance to grow and learn to be stronger and to be better. Grace is not about what you did or who you are, but it's about who He is. What you do with your life is not the way you pay Him back because there's no way you'll be able to. How you live life is the way you react to the grace given, is it appropriate for you to live as all you wished when He has given you so much?

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