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Looking Back to 2016

Whaaaaaaaaat, it has been the time to make another year-end review again? How did time fly that fast? I woke up this morning and when I realized that it was the last day of 2016, it kinda freaked me out a little. I secretly hoped that it was just another regular Saturday, but oh well, as usual, here are some of the most memorable moments in 2016, my version of course. (Plus pictures of my beloved )

1. Moving Out Pt. I
From our factory office in Karawaci, we finally moved out to a new office location in Serpong (which had a very cool Instagram-worthy wall). Besides, I also moved to a new living place (shout out to the Samarados!) and my room was very comfy I can't even! See the first photo of this post? It was one part of the room and don't you agree that it looked so comfy?

2. Malaysia Shopping Spree
Spent 3 days there with le mom and sis, we ate good food, we shopped a lot and the most important of all, we shared good times together :)

3. Black Valentine's at Bandung
Definitely the best people to hang out with on Valentine's day if you're a single, like me ;) We stayed in a super cute small hotel and of course, had a lot of fun together (though in the photo, it might not seem like so, LOL)

4. That Day When My Bro Fell Sick
Though this surely doesn't really count as a "happy" memory, but I really felt like this unfortunate event had really showed me how God can work his goodness even in the worst situation. I truly had experienced how God has allowed us to stay strong and in faith during all things that happened, and I can't express how thankful I am to have such a big God who is always there for me and my family :') PS. My bro is getting better already, all thanks to God and all the supports you guys have given to us :)

5. Yogyakarta Bound!
It was my first time ever visiting Jogja and the experience I had was too precious. I got to spend a lot of good times with two of my good girlfriends slash sisters and I also saw the most beautiful sunrise I have ever seen in my life so far! Read more about it here.

6. The Road to Singapore
Not too long after Yogyakarta, me and Agustine went to Singapore for a short weekend getaway, and it was my first time too going there. We surely walked a lot until my legs almost couldn't handle it. I blogged about it too and I personally think the photos were pretty well-taken, so why not check it here?

7. Baby Showers Marathon
One came right after the other, and guess what? The babies too came not too long one after the other. We were super glad to welcome baby Josh and baby Ken to this world. Auntie Sas loves both of you even before you guys were here, will you know that? 

8. One Day with The Abigails
It was one of the most memorable trip I made too this year, so happy to be able to spare a day to spend with the kiddos and see their smiles. It wasn't us who came to bless them, but they were the ones who blessed us with their smiles and laughter :)

9. Turned A Quarter Century Old
Hey, this is a huge milestone! Twenty freaking five, man! LOL just kidding. But really, turning 25 has been a very memorable moment too, and I was really happy that day. I was thankful that God never forgets to remind me on how blessed I am, all by His grace.

10. GBI Guangzhou 2016 Reunion Camp

Inside Out! What more can I say? The three days two nights were well spent, not only because we were able to meet the long lost good friends, but the preaches told were so inspiring and strengthening. Bet all the participant of the camp felt the same way like I did.

11. I Quit My Job
Surely was one of the biggest decision I made this year. As what I have said here, it wasn't an easy decision but I believed everything will work for goodness and what was more important that I had learnt a lot of expensive lessons that even money couldn't afford, also I earned myself so many good brothers and sisters that I'll treasure all my life :)

12. Moving Out Pt. II

Two times in a year, really? Now that I think about it again, I surely had a lot of energy to do that, remembering how tiring moving out is. Well, now finally I am back home! Life here surely doesn't guarantee will get easier, but for whatever it is, I believe that God will work his grand plan to make me a blessing anywhere I go :)

13. Getting Myself A New Ride
I shared it with my sister, though. Also, we got help from our parents on the down payment, but I still thought this could be a baby step for us before one day I'll be paying for my own ride. For now, I shall love the beautiful white baby with all my heart LOL.

14. My First Ever Teacher's Day..
As a teacher! I didn't mention before that I decided to work as an educator at a school, did I? But well, now you know! So far, I have been enjoying every second at work these past three months, no complaints at all! Those kiddos always know how to make me angry then smile the very next second and I love them! I know surely that I still got a long way to learn to be a good teacher, but promise I'll try my best :)

15. Le Granny Turned 80
So we all went home to our hometown. She had no idea that all her children all the way from the other cities would come home and celebrate her birthday with her. I heard that she shed tears once she found out about it. I was so happy to see her happy because happiness is all she deserved and I too was thankful to see how her children loved her so much, I felt really really grateful to be raised in such loving big family :')

These brought back a lot of good memories and gave me mixed feelings. I just couldn't believe that a year has passed just like that, I even can still remember clearly what I did and even what I wore on the first day of 2016! But anyhow, of course I would say that I am nothing but thankful for everything that has happened. For the good things, I am thankful, for the bad things too I am grateful.

This probably is the first time I didn't write any specific goals for the upcoming year. I just wished that in next year, I'll learn to be even more thankful, to trust God even more in anything that happens, to have that strength to believe that even when things get tough, I will never be alone because I have the almighty God who is beside me.

2016 has been one great chapter of my life that I know I will never forget, but still I will embrace 2017 and see what it has in store for me. So, shall we just see then?