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Since The 90's

Here are a few shots that I managed to to take on a gathering with some good old friends last week. I was trying to shoot in manual mode hence the not so good results, because it wasn't too easy for me to find the right settings for indoor with low light condition, but I think these still do lah, yes or no? And please don't mind the not so pretty chocolate drop shot because I'm not quite there yet to be a good food blogger LOL.

By the way, this place we went here was La Fusion Pekanbaru. I read that they picked the indoor garden theme for the restaurant and I personally think it was really really pretty. This was one of the restaurant I think will be good enough to stand with the level of those Jakarta's hyped places like Union, Social House or the others (apparently I am not "gaul" enough to name other cool restaurants LOL). Oh, and the food they served was pretty good too, so I think this place is quite worth the hype.

Now the people I went there with; my oldest friends! I've known some of these guys ever since kindergarten days, which means it has been around 20 years (or more) of friendship(!). Holidays are the chances we get to gather together since most of them are working outside Pekanbaru. So looking forward for the next meet-ups slash catch ups with these people!

Lunch With A View

When I said that I got a lot of photos to share on the blog, I definitely just looked at the numbers of the photos taken and not the quality because after I scrolled through to them, I found it quite hard to choose ones that I really like, and just so you know, that's also the reason why I have been very inactive in blogging these years is because I always thoughts my photos are not "blog-worthy" enough. I'm trying to change the perspective though and hopefully I'll be back to those days where blogging was so fuss-free for me and I just posted whatever I feel like sharing because I did really enjoy doing it.

Kay, nuff with the curcol session. Now to the topic of the day, one day before I left hometown, some good friends of mine who happened to be my 老乡 kindheartedly took me for an exciting day out. After a bakmi Siantar breakfast, we went to the zoo (where I had always been going to since I was a kid) then we went to Parapat, Danau Toba just to get our lunch by the lake. The funny fact was all of us just got back from there a day before, and thank you to the short distance (Siantar and Danau Toba are just an hour car ride away), we all went there with a happy face (and excited tummy).

Next, I really need to show you these shots taken by one of my good friends, Yanty. She took these awesome black and white shots of the local kids playing by the lakeside with my camera and I personally thought these pictures are really cool because though there weren't that many colors to help speaking up for the photos, they still looked like they had a lot of stories to tell. Now I think I kind of understand the essence of black and white photos and how much depth they can add to the story.

PS. No filters were used on these B&W shots.

What do you say, do you agree that the photos were great? This kinda motivated me to learn more about using the best of my camera since I realized that there were still a lot of things to explore from it.

Alright, guess that's all for today's post. I'll see if I can make the other photos work for the next upcoming post LOL. Thank you for reading this and hope you have a great day!

Brought Back From The CNY

I just transferred my data from the camera to my hard disk drive and apparently I had quite a lot of photos taken, so I'm glad to say that I'll be able to post a few things here on the blog these upcoming days! Here's the first one to start them all.

A (not quite) short story before that, last Christmas I gifted myself a new camera lens. Well, it's not because I behaved really well last year, but I just felt like I NEED to get it at that time because I read it somewhere that Samsung has discontinued (or will!) the development of NX series cameras and lenses so I kinda freaked out a little because I was afraid I'd not be able to get them anymore, since I've been planning to get a lens for my NX300 for so long but had been delaying it, due to financial consideration (LOL). 

My first plan was to get the 30mm f2.0 Prime Lens because I saw Ci Fanny used it and I really liked how her photos turned out to be, but apparently I couldn't find it sold anywhere in Indonesia anymore. But then on my research I found this 20mm f2.8 Ultra Wide Angle Lens was on sale, and after reading some of the reviews, I decided to give it a go.

I've been trying to get used to this lens these few months and I'm quite happy with the outcomes. Though it works better on taking the close-up (macro) pictures, but it still turns out good on landscapes. What I loved most about it is that it is light-weight (go pancake!), so it's portable and really handy!

Wait, why does it feel like this is a lens review post? Alright, back to the topic. I brought my camera back to le hometown on Chinese New Year and this year we went again to one of my favorite places on earth, Pulau Samosir! I can't tell how much I love being here. Despite of have been doing nothing for 3 days there, I still enjoyed it so much and really can't wait to be back again the next time!

Here are some of my random shots taken there. Nothing really fancy though, I just feeling like sharing them, that's it! :)

Don't you agree that some of the pictures of the market looked like it's some places from the 90's? LOL. By the way, I'll be going on an (exciting!) trip next month so hopefully by that time I'll be able to take better pictures with the new lens. 

As a closing, here's a photo of me and my family from the trip. Just one of it because it's the only photo where I looked pretty okay LOL. Oh, and wishing everyone a happy and prosperous Chinese new year, it's still not late for it, right? Catch on you later!

(Another) Credit Card Disaster

Image Credit here

Jangan tanya gue kenapa dan kok bisa karena tentunya gue juga ga tau jawaban atas pertanyaan-pertanyaan itu. Setelah kejadian 2 taun kemarin, siapa yang bakal tahu kalau akhirnya bakal kena lagi?

Well, first of all, tujuan gue nge-share cerita ini cuma biar kalau di kemudian hari ada teman-teman yang (amit-amitnya) kena beginian bisa belajar dari gue dan kesalahan-kesalahan yang mungkin gue lakukan. Just like last time, gue akan cerita sesuai kronologi kejadian ya biar ga bingung-bingung banget bacanya.

Sabtu, 21 Januari 2017
Seperti weekend-weekend biasanya yang kebanyakan gue habiskan di rumah, waktu itu hampir jam 10 malem, gue inget banget gue lagi nontonin Youtube, ngeliatin make-up tutorials yang tentu aja ga bakal gue ikutin beneran. Iseng gue ngeliatin handphone gue dan kaget banget dapet SMS dari BCA yang isinya begini:

“Konfirmasi transaksi IDR 2,184,000 kartu kredit BCA No. XXX tgl 21/01/17 di PT. Garuda Indon. (Halo BCA 1500888). Segera aktifkan PIN Anda.”

Ibaratnya kalo di sinetron, muka gue uda di “zoom-in zoom-out” sambil ngomong “APAH!” gitu. Tapi ya aslinya gue begitunya cuma dalam hati doang lah. Setengah panik, gue ngasitau adik dan bokap gue dan reaksi bokap gue cuma yang ngomong, “Ya telepon HaloBCA lah”. Ya iya sih harus reaksi apaan, masa bokap gue yang ngomong “APAH!” beneran kan ga lucu juga ya (eh bakal lucu sih sebenernya).

Anyway, the next thing I did ya nelpon ke HaloBCA dan ngasitau kalau gue ga melakukan transaksi itu segala macem. Setelah pembicaraan telepon yang bikin panas-dingin selama hampir setengah jam, intinya gue dikasitau buat bikin surat sanggahan yang menyatakan gue ga melakukan transaksi itu, lalu di-email ke BCA beserta scan KTP dan kartu kredit yang digunakan untuk transaksi itu. Oh iya, kartu kredit gue ini statusnya ada di gue loh, kaga kecuri dan seumur-umur ga pernah gue pinjemin ke siapapun fisiknya (maksudnya ga pernah dipindahtangankan). 

Setelah gue dapetin nomor laporan dari mas-mas HaloBCA, gue pun memutuskan buat ngirim surat sanggahannya besok harinya, soalnya itu udah lumayan malem juga dan di rumah kaga ada printer buat ngeprint juga sih, tetep harus nunggu besok buat pergi ngeprint.

Minggu, 22 Januari 2017
Sebenernya hari ini kaga ada cerita apa-apa sih, selain gue ngirimin email ke BCA yang berisi surat sanggahan yang udah gue tanda-tangani sekalian scan KTP dan kartu kredit seperti yang diminta. Ga lama setelah gue ngirim email, langsung dapet email balasan konfirmasi kalau surat gue uda diterima BCA dan gue disuruh nunggu proses kerjanya yang bakal jatuh tempo tanggal 3 Februari, which means there was nothing I could do except wait and see gitu. Cuma gue inget banget 2 hari pas baru kena ini gue anteng banget dah kaya ga ada kuatir sama sekali, kaga emosi, kaga gregetan, kaya ga ada kejadian apa-apa dah (mungkin karena uda pengalaman pernah ditipu kali yah hehehe #ohtheirony). Sampe randomly, beberapa hari kemudian..

Selasa, 24 Januari 2017
Gue lagi di sekolah dan pas ga gitu sibuk, gue kepikiran buat nanya beberapa temen yang punya kenalan di BCA pusat buat nanya-nanya soal kasus beginian. Thank God all my friends were very helpful and caring so gue cukup dapet banyak pencerahan. Salah satu temen suggested gue buat nelpon ke Garuda langsung, soalnya ada temennya yang kena kasus beginian lalu langsung nelpon ke pihak tempat kartunya dipakai.

Gue pun langsung ngambil handphone dan nelpon ke Garuda, pas gue konfirmasi, mba-mba Garudanya ngasitau kalau kartu gue dipakai buat beli dua tiket dari Jakarta tujuan Makassar. Waktu gue nanya apa bisa di-cancel karena itu bukan transaksi gue, mba-nya ngomong gabisa karena orangnya uda terbang kemaren waktu hari Senin-nya! Gue nanya-nanya soal data-data orang yang make, mba-nya juga sempet ngasitau nama penumpangnya. Unfortunately waktu gue hampir dikasitau email orangnya, telpon gue keputus #BaladaPulsaSeret.

The next time gue nelpon, mba-nya uda ganti dan mba yang baru uda gamau ngasitau karena katanya gabisa bocorin data penumpang begitu aja, Gue assumed mba-mba yang pertama itu newbie deh, abis gue juga bingung gampang banget sih dapet nama penumpang gitu, coba kalau misalnya owe tukang tipu juga. Jadi solusi dari mba-mba yang baru adalah cuma nunggu balesan dari BCA gitu,

Nah di malem ini lah gue jadi kocar-kacir, tossed and turned (gaya banget bahasanya) ga bisa tidur karena kesel banget. Keselnya karena hal-hal ini (boleh lah ya curcol):
  1. Gue mau naik Garuda aja mikir 1000x, ngotot nyari tiket yang paling murah. Enak aja suruh owe bayarin DUA ORANG naik Garuda. ENAK AJA!
  2. Gue baru inget kalau pas baru abis nelpon BCA pas hari Sabtu-nya, adik gue uda sempet bilang, “Coba telpon Garuda aja” tapi gue anggurin. Coba kalau gue langsung telepon Garuda, mungkin masih bisa di-cancel dan orangnya ga sempet terbang. UGH COBA GUE DENGERIN ADIK GUE.
  3. Ini nih yang paling bikin kesel, kalau kita repot karena kesalahan kita mah gapapa yah namanya resiko, lah ini gue kaga ngapa-ngapain CUMA NONTON YOUTUBE doang, jadi intinya gue kesel karena gue jadi keselnya sama diri sendiri PADAHAL GARA-GARA KERJAAN ORANG LAIN.

Beberapa hari setelahnya gue uda lumayan tenang sih kaga gitu mikirin lagi, gue serahin aja dah pasrah, tapi dengan catatan gue kaga bakalan mau bayar itu tagihan apapun yang terjadi. Singkat cerita lewat beberapa hari itu, gue masih belum dapet balesan apa-apa dari BCA padahal sibuk aja ngecek email tiap hari.

Randomly, tanggal 2 Februari gue iseng ngecek saldo kartu kredit gue lewat m-BCA, eh ternyata saldo gue uda dibalikin jadi sebelum kejadian laknat itu! Senengnya bukan main, gue langsung laporan sama semua orang. Dan by the time gue nulis ini, gue uda dapet tagihan kartu kredit yang bulan lalu dan transaksi Garuda itu beneran ga ditagih lagi ke gue. Hati gue pun senang gembira karena cerita ini berakhir bahagia layaknya fairytale yang indah #apasih.

Apalah arti sebuah cerita kalau tidak ada pesan yang bisa dipetik (petik banget nih sis bahasanya), ya ga sih. Jadi gue mau ngasih beberapa tips buat kalian-kalian yang belum pernah ngalamin kejadian begini, lumayan brosis belajar dari pengalaman owe (ya engga doain kalian kena juga sih, cuma ya namanya nasib siapa yang tahu ya):
  1. Be extra cautious when using credit cards. Gue yang pake credit cards cuma di website-website gede yang gue PIKIR aman aja bisa bocor datanya God knows how. Gue sih bukannya bilang ga usah pake credit cards, ya pokoknya ekstra hati-hati ajah. WASPADALAH.
  2. Rajin-rajinlah ngecek riwayat transaksi kartu kredit. Gue suka kadang-kadang ngecek saldo kartu kredit lewat aplikasi kaya m-BCA, biar tau aja gitu uda kepake berapa jangan tiba-tiba transaksi uda berapa juta ntar bayarnya pake apaan. Sekalian juga kalau ada berasa yang aneh-aneh bisa langsung dicek, misalnya tagihan melonjak padahal ga ngerasa pake kartu kredit.
  3. Dua yang di atas kan tindakan prevensi yah. Yang selanjutnya adalah kalau uda terlanjur kena nih, langsung telepon ke pihak bank yang bersangkutan, blokir kartu kreditnya. Ya iyalah diblokir, kartu uda bocor datanya ngapain dipakai lagi toh. Biasanya pihak bank bakal nawarin penggantian kartu baru, kalau situ emang trauma banget nih, ya sekalian tutup aja kartu kreditnya.
  4. Ini juga penting, minta nomor laporan dari pihak bank. Nomor laporan ini bakal jadi bukti kalau kasus kita sudah diketahui oleh pihak bank dan sudah kita serahkan penanganannya ke mereka. Simpan juga semua email dari pihak bank yang menyatakan mereka udah terima data-data yang kita kirim, seperti surat sanggahan, scan KTP dan kartu kredit.
  5. Belajarlah dari kesalahan bodoh gue; langsung hubungi pihak tempat dimana kartu kreditnya kepake, siapa tahu masih bisa di-cancel, kaya tiket pesawat kalau belum terbang, atau beli barang online shop belum dikirim seharusnya masih bisa di-cancel sebelum keburu terbang atau barangnya dikirim.
  6. Tips yang ini gue dapet dari kenalan temen yang kerja di BCA pusat; kalau tagihan dateng sebelum masalah kelar, jangan bayar tagihan yang tidak kita lakukan, karena dengan membayar tagihan itu sama aja artinya kita menerima dan mengakui adanya transaksi itu. 
  7. Stay calm and don’t stress too much. Pihak bank pasti punya banyak pengalaman soal kasus beginian dan yang gue denger mereka punya team khusus yang emang nanganin kasus-kasus beginian, jadi mereka pasti bisa bantu kita kalau emang kita dikerjain orang lain. So, worry not karena kalau emang kita ga beneran pake juga pasti mereka bisa nge-cek. Tell yourself, all is well all is well :)

Alright, that is all I can share for today, hopefully this can be a good information for you ya. Thank you for sparing time to read this dan semoga ga ada yang ngalamin kejadian kaya gini ever. Have a great day y’all!