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Lunch With A View

When I said that I got a lot of photos to share on the blog, I definitely just looked at the numbers of the photos taken and not the quality because after I scrolled through to them, I found it quite hard to choose ones that I really like, and just so you know, that's also the reason why I have been very inactive in blogging these years is because I always thoughts my photos are not "blog-worthy" enough. I'm trying to change the perspective though and hopefully I'll be back to those days where blogging was so fuss-free for me and I just posted whatever I feel like sharing because I did really enjoy doing it.

Kay, nuff with the curcol session. Now to the topic of the day, one day before I left hometown, some good friends of mine who happened to be my 老乡 kindheartedly took me for an exciting day out. After a bakmi Siantar breakfast, we went to the zoo (where I had always been going to since I was a kid) then we went to Parapat, Danau Toba just to get our lunch by the lake. The funny fact was all of us just got back from there a day before, and thank you to the short distance (Siantar and Danau Toba are just an hour car ride away), we all went there with a happy face (and excited tummy).

Next, I really need to show you these shots taken by one of my good friends, Yanty. She took these awesome black and white shots of the local kids playing by the lakeside with my camera and I personally thought these pictures are really cool because though there weren't that many colors to help speaking up for the photos, they still looked like they had a lot of stories to tell. Now I think I kind of understand the essence of black and white photos and how much depth they can add to the story.

PS. No filters were used on these B&W shots.

What do you say, do you agree that the photos were great? This kinda motivated me to learn more about using the best of my camera since I realized that there were still a lot of things to explore from it.

Alright, guess that's all for today's post. I'll see if I can make the other photos work for the next upcoming post LOL. Thank you for reading this and hope you have a great day!

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