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Since The 90's

Here are a few shots that I managed to to take on a gathering with some good old friends last week. I was trying to shoot in manual mode hence the not so good results, because it wasn't too easy for me to find the right settings for indoor with low light condition, but I think these still do lah, yes or no? And please don't mind the not so pretty chocolate drop shot because I'm not quite there yet to be a good food blogger LOL.

By the way, this place we went here was La Fusion Pekanbaru. I read that they picked the indoor garden theme for the restaurant and I personally think it was really really pretty. This was one of the restaurant I think will be good enough to stand with the level of those Jakarta's hyped places like Union, Social House or the others (apparently I am not "gaul" enough to name other cool restaurants LOL). Oh, and the food they served was pretty good too, so I think this place is quite worth the hype.

Now the people I went there with; my oldest friends! I've known some of these guys ever since kindergarten days, which means it has been around 20 years (or more) of friendship(!). Holidays are the chances we get to gather together since most of them are working outside Pekanbaru. So looking forward for the next meet-ups slash catch ups with these people!

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