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The Meetups

Soooooo a few weeks ago, I made a not-so spontaneous trip to Jakarta because one of my good friends, Tiffany,just got married (yes, this kiddo on the photo above is a married woman already!) and since I couldn't make it to her wedding matrimony, I thought I'd show up at her farewell party (she's moving to Japan with her husband) as a surprise for her. Now, did the surprise work out?

The party was supposed to be held on Monday so I flew to Jakarta on Saturday to spend the weekend. Now the difficult part was to make sure my coming was kept secret so I didn't tell too many people about it. Uri dongsaeng, Etin, kindly picked me up at the airport and took me for a baso penyet lunch (yum!) and we spent time catching up together before we went on a fellowship with our Guangzhou friends, and that was how I spent my first day at the town.

On the Sunday, me and Meishia went on a morning Sunday service and then went on another meetup with my bichis; Jane and Kina (minus Cai who's currently abroad studying at China) and I finally met Baby Josh again! The last time I saw him, he was just a tiny newborn and now I couldn't even manage to hold him for too long because he's gotten so big already!

Though it was quite a short meetup, but I was glad I got to spend time with them and catch up a bit. Hopefully it won't be too long before the next one!

Now, to the highlight of the trip, the surprise plan! Gladly saying, it did work, so I managed to surprise Mrs. Mandias and I was thankful I could spend the night with my dear old colleagues and had some great time together, PLUS I got a really great news where one of my good sisters, Marcella, told me that she's taken already! God knows how much I had been waiting to hear that haha and plus the news came with a hilarious plot twist too :)))))

Spent the last day with my sisters, Felly and Meishia, had lunch together with their mom and aunties and also played a bit with (the super cute baby boss) Ken and I was really really thankful for them for treating me like a family, for ALWAYS have treated me like one.

Not too much blabbering for me this time, I just wanted to make sure this story got into this blog because I think they were so worth-cherishing and worth-remembering. Last but not least, I want to thank these people for making the short trip very memorable for me. Ci Meishia for letting me invade the right side of her bed and always making me feel like a loved sister, Etin for sparing her whole day to blab and laugh with me, and also for the special gift (ditunggu janji ke PKU-nya!), Jane and Kina too for never failing to give me well-spent quality time together, and also shout out to Ci Marcella who had helped me a lot with this surprise trip and also for the good news you gave me LOL. Until next time, fellas!

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