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The Birth of Vibes

Since I decided to take a break from Instagram, I've been hoping that I'll be able to update more on the blog. Well, thankfully this time, I've got myself some pictures to share and memories to write here, so I think it was a pretty good start?

So.. me and two other friends (shout out to @charles_indrawan and @steakj) decided to celebrate our birthday together since our birth dates are pretty close to each other, so did we go to one of Pekanbaru's steak places and throw a dinner together along with some other good friends. They too managed to give us a surprise with a super yum chocolate pie. 

Good thing that Yongki just bought himself a super cool new (*cough cough* expensive) camera so it was the reason I was able to put some pretty decent pictures here. Well that also means, picture credit goes to his new cam and whoever was behind the lens :))

PS. In case anyone's wondering, Vibes stands for... wait for it... VIRGO BABES :))))

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