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As We Kissed 2017 Goodbye

Yes, it's that time for another year in review again. As what I said last year, 2017 was probably the first time for me where I didn't set any specific goals. I just wished to let the year roll and surprise me, but thankfully most of the surprises that it did give were good ones. So, are you in for a trip down to the memory lane with me?

1. Hello Kuala Lumpur
At the beginning of January, I went to KL along with some family members to have my brother and my aunt's health check up. We too managed to do some shopping and eating and catching up. It was a pretty fun trip to begin the year with.

2. (Another) Credit Card Disaster
I had no idea how I could have another 'bad luck' experience with this credit card thing, but at least I could hope that what I went through can be a good lesson for others. Well, who knows..

3. Family Gathering on CNY
Chinese new year has always been my favorite time of the year since we could gather together with all the big family members and shared some good times. I also went to a very fun lunch trip with a group of friends and the view was pretty amazing.

4. The Search of HK's Most Instagram-worthy Spots
One of the most fun trip that I had this year, because traveling isn't always about the places you went to, but most of the time, it's about the people you were with. And my girls (shout out to @clararheta, @bikajitra and @ribkaanatasia) surely know how to translate anything into fun. Oh right, I made a vlog too!

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5. Catching Up at Jakarta
An impromptu trip due to Tiffany's wedding and farewell. It's always great to see the people that you know were as excited to meet you as you were to see them :)

6. I Went to Japan!
I never thought that I'll be able to step on the Land of the Rising Sun this soon. A lot of things happened there, including both happy and heart-breaking moments but surely those are what made a trip memorable.

7. Wait, Who's 26?
I am! It's funny because I never really think I am playing it too well as an adult. But I always believe that birthdays are some good reminders for us to always cherish the time we have because you know, you can't always have your 17th birthday every year, right?

8. Finally, People Came to Visit!
The bad sides of living in a (actually not too) small city was that there's a rare chance that your friends would want to come just to visit you. I don't blame them though, there's really nothing much to see here. But a good friend of mine, Etin, came all the way to this city to see me and I'm glad we could have some fun together. Later that month, another friend, Frengky, also visited for a work trip and we managed to have some catching up session.

9. Taking a Brief Break from Instagram
When I decided to do so, I thought I would come back later with a long blog post with some good preaching about what I learned during the break. But (fortunately) Instagram really didn't have that much portion in my life for me to dedicate a post for it. Life just went on and I actually quite enjoyed those times without the distraction. Now that I am back on it already, I think I know how I should utilize the platform wiser so I think it's all good :)

10. The Discovery of Bullet Journal

I think I said enough on this post already about this life-changing journal.

11. I Earned Myself Some Very Good Friends
As a person who enjoy the group of small circles, I am thankful that this year I get to know these people more and for having them as a great part of my life. They are one of the main reasons why 2017 is a lot more bearable. So if you are reading this, thank you :)

12. Those Year End Trips

My cousin was getting married on the end of December in Medan, I got to catch up with some old friends there too. After that I continued my trip to the paradise island, Bali, where I got to go to new places I've never been to before and celebrated new year's eve there. More posts will be catching up after this too!

A lot of things happened in a year, and those included joy, laughter, anger, sadness, confusion and also hearts that were broken. But don't you agree that those things are the ones that make life a lot more interesting to live with? I am thankful that in 2017 I got to witness and experience all those emotions, learned, and moved on from it.

2017 has been one very fun journey but I am so ready to move forward. This year, I won't be just sitting on my arse and waiting for life to do as it pleases. I think it has come to my time to make a move and see what I got for myself (ha!).

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