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The New Place - 2018 Bali Photo Diary Pt. I

Bali had been in my mind for quite some time last year, since the last time I was there was back in 2015 where Jane had her wedding held. Thankfully at the end of 2017 I finally stepped my feet on the paradise island.

I arrived in Denpasar on December 29 at around 9 PM after 6 hours spent inside the plane from Medan. I actually did have a transit in Bandung, but all the transit passengers stayed inside the cabin so that is why I stayed so long there. Since it was about late for my arrival, me and my travel partners decided to just have some humble Indomie dinner at our staying place near Nusa Dua.

The next day, we were planning to move to a quieter area and Steph also had already booked us a night in an Airbnb villa near Ubud. But before making our trip, we stopped for a brunch at a new place that was just open for a week. Musubi it was, mi amigo.

Located in Canggu, Musubi offered us a lot of choices for Japanese inspired all day brunch and coffee. Lucky that we arrived there before it gets too crowded with people who were just as curious as us to try the food and of course, enjoy the ambiance also.

Because I really had no idea on what I should go to with the order, as always, I found references on their Instagram page, based on what I think as the most interesting and 'photogenic' ones LOL. I went with MGFC (Musubi Gyoza Fried Chicken), Steph decided to have Kogane Scotch Egg and her little brother ordered their signature Sushi Burger.

I'm not really good at describing how food tasted but I'll try my best. The fried chicken was the juiciest one I've ever had in my life so far (and I liked it) but somehow the question that came into my mind was, "Wait, why does this taste like Japanese gyoza?" DUH SAS, IT WAS A FREAKING GYOZA FRIED CHICKEN WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT. Well guys, that could happen when you ordered food just by looking at the pictures instead of the name and the description ._______.

I did try a bit Steph and her bro's food too and I really liked the Sushi Burger but I wasn't really a fan of the scotch egg (it's not the egg, it's me). Steph seemed to enjoy her meal very much though.

Overall I think it was a very nice place to visit where the everything was very well presented, including the interior and also the service. Oh, a tip from the people there was it's better to make a reservation before coming since it gets pretty crowded during lunch hour.

Alright, I'm done talking about Musubi. After the fulfilling brunch, we made our way to Ubud and I finally had my first drive here in Bali (thanks to San Miguel Light drunk Steph) and it was pretty exciting. 

I couldn't say much about the villa we're staying in, it was just a great experience and nothing less. The place was surrounded by rice paddies and we also had the access to the private swimming pool where I finally had my first swim after so many years that I have lost count to. 

The villa was quite well hidden inside a narrow path but that was what made it so peaceful since there wasn't a slight sound of vehicles or whatever. I remembered I had a very good sleep that night and the thought waking up every morning to the view of nature like that, I don't think I would ever mind.

So, that marked the end of my first post of my Bali getaway experience. Writing posts like this always excites me even though I always have to spend a lot of time trying to figure out on what to say but it was a pleasant thinking process that I enjoyed doing. See you when I see you then! 

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