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The Lucky Finding - 2018 Bali Photo Diary Pt. III

When I said I wanted to take a brief break from the traveling posts, I certainly did not mean it as a THREE-months++ break, but oh well, that's what happened LOL. Even when I started to draft this post, I had a pretty hard time coming up with the post title, but now that I'm back, I'll try my best.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018. I no longer remember the weather that day but I knew for sure that we had decided to go to a waterfall. We never really woke up early on our days in Bali so by the time we headed out it was about time for a brunch.

We made our first stop at Locavore to Go. I've heard good things about food here from Steph so it shouldn't have gone wrong (unless it's a martabak manis place, then it could actually go wrong LOLOL). Okay, so I ordered Crispy Chicken Burger, Steph with Pulled Pork and Elbert decided to go for a Sloppy Joe.

As a non-burger person, I must admit that these were definitely one of (if not) the finest burgers I've ever had so far. If you like burgers and bread-related food, I think you'll most probably love this place. Do give them a try if you go to Ubud someday!

After the brunch, we began our 3 hours journey to our destination of the day: Air Terjun Sekumpul. But on the way there, we happened to stumble upon a very cool coffee shop with the (legit) best  view! We really couldn't be any happier with the decision to stop by here.

Kintamani Cofee: I really think it's such a place for everyone. For you coffee-maniacs, I heard that the coffee here was pretty nice, and for a non-coffee person like me here, I think I had nothing to lose. If someone asked me to join them for a coffee session in this place, say no more, count me in!

Now for the actual destination of the day. We arrived there pretty late in the afternoon because of the 'coffee break' (we actually spent a little too much time there, but NO RAGRETS tho). From the car parking lot to the waterfall, we needed to do a little hiking so we hired a guide since we couldn't afford the risk of wasting time for being lost).

After around 30 mins hike, we finally reached the waterfall and it definitely was a very exciting first time for me going to a waterfall. Cheers to many more waterfalls to come! #ifmybodycanmakeit #toounfit #neverexercising

Do not mind our sloppy appearances, but it's the memories that count, isn't it? Well, that marked the end of my third out of four (what, another one?) posts that I have for this Bali trip. Let's make a prayer and hope that I'll be able to finish that one last post soon enough, shall we? See ya on the next one!

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