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Chasing That One Last Sunset - 2018 Bali Photo Diary Pt. IV

Guess who is finally in the right mind to finish all her one and only travel series this year? Yeah it's yours truly, now back to this dusty blog *cleaning spider webs*. I'll probably make another post regarding what I was up to while I was missing from the blogosphere (maybe not too LOL, I can't promise) but let's just focus on this travel post for now.

Our journey started pretty late that day since the other two kiddos I was with decided to sleep a little longer (PS. I don't remember any of these, I peeked at my daily journal LOL). Since it was about time for lunch already, we headed to a famous warung babi guling. It was a bad one though, lucky I didn't remember the name so I can't put it into shame here. So after the not-so-good lunch, we made our way to Toiro-Wagashi.

Toiro was a cafe that served Japanese confectionery. I remembered that every single menu they had there served their own concept and meaning behind the names and the designs. Overall it was quite a pleasant visit and I think I would love to visit there again if I had a chance.

Our food destination didn't stop there. We decided to do some walking and after 3 minutes or so, we stopped at another pastry shop called Poule De Luxe that was famous for cream puffs and macarons (we didn't order any of it LOL). Let's just say we went there for the air conditioner. The ambiance was pretty good, though.

Now last, but surely not least, highlight of this day: sunset at Kuta. Yeah, finally after all the days in Bali, here comes the time where we actually spent time at the beach, waiting for the sunset to come and having some good time there. Luckily the weather, the sky, every thing didn't disappoint us, not even a bit.

We ended the day by having a Korean BBQ dinner (which was the best, btw) and then headed to Beachwalk to watch The Greatest Showman. The next day, we were busy spending time at the airport, heading back home.

Though I may seem like I lack of excitement on finishing this post, please understand that it is because I barely can remember the details of the day. But one thing that I know for sure, I had fun, in fact, so much of it. So now let me thank two of my traveling buddies that have accompanied me through the trip, thank you for the good memories and hopefully there will be more to come in the future. Until next time, fellas!

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