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Thoughts About Being 27

I actually planned to skip writing about my 27th birthday, but then I realized that I have been doing it for so many years, I thought it would be a pity to miss this year's. So well, here it goes.

Like what I have said for some years, I have always told myself to chill more about my own birthday and this year I think I did it pretty well. Maybe a little too well LOL. It was a Saturday and I still had to teach a morning tutoring and everything went normal, except that I went to have breakfast with my boyfriend (err yes, I now have one LOL) and his mom too.

I wish I could tell more exciting stories about how I spent the day, but all that happened was me spending the day chilling at home with my bf and then having a family dinner and that's it LOL. Sorry not sorry, guys.

Even though the way the day was celebrated was very simple, but the gratitude in my heart surely isn't. Never a day goes without thanking Him for what he has done in my life. Not only on that one birth-day, but every single one that has gone by, and I believe for ones that were to come too.

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