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What's With 2020?

Don't we all agree that 2020 was such a weird year? Bet all you have never spent so much time at home all your life before last year, have you? Now, if I had to explain my year in a sentence, I think it would be: being pregnant in the first half of the year and taking care of a newborn in the last half.

But what fun would it bring if I was gonna end the post here, right? So that's why I'll try to be a bit more creative and come up with another year in a review post. Glad that I haven't missed any since 2012. Let's hope this lasts!

Birth Story: Welcoming Kylee

I was gonna start this post by writing: "Guess who's back?" but then I realized this phrase has already been way overused since I always said it each time I was missing from this blog and got back on leaving another single post LOL. But anyway, GUESS WHO'S BACK. 

This time I'm here was to write about the one I promised on the last post, about the birth of my little one, Kylee Zhuang. Baby K is already 6 months old now and here I am finally here to write about it. Are you ready, shall we start already then?

PS. This post will be written in Bahasa, since it would be too long of a story and my mind was currently too lazy to think in English (if that even makes any sense).

PPS. It's gonna be a super loooooooong post. Don't say I didn't warn ya.