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Twenty Twenty One

Hiyaa there! Err.. wait. How does this thing work again? It's been too long and I just can't seem to remember how to do this thing each time LOL.

But yeah just like that another year has gone and another year it has been since this blog got neglected. At least I'm doing a good thing by remembering to do this yearly post. Since no one's gonna read this but myself, I'm just gonna blabber randomly and who cares if anyone gets it or not.

So here it is, the yearly recap of what's been happening in the year of twenty twenty one.

1. My Life as A Working Pumping Mom
As what I've stated on my last post, I was back on working and since I was still breastfeeding my little one, I finally got the taste of living as a working pumping mom (wait, is that even how people call it?). Bringing all the equipment to work, bringing fresh milk (LOL) home for my little one and this and that. This year was also the time where I experienced mastitis two times and I finally stopped breastfeeding by the time K reached the age of one. Breastfeeding surely was a bittersweet experience and I'm not really looking forward to do the same thing all over again in another year or two (yes, it's a clue, it's a clue!).

2. The Blog's Makeover
I wasn't sure why I even bothered to change the layout and the whole look of this blog if I was just going to put this blog to sleep, but I'm just glad I did it. Just the kind of fresh air that this blog needed.

3. I Got Thin
By thin I mean, yes thin! Never have I ever thought in my life that I'd be calling myself thin. I too didn't expect that breastfeeding would do such wonder that no other types of diet would ever do. I hit 46 kg once and I enjoyed it while it lasts LOL. Everyone was telling me that I was too thin and stuffs like that but it didn't bother me because I just knew that it wouldn't last for too long. And by any chance if anyone's wondering, now I'm back to my pre-baby weight already :))

4.  A Different CNY
Chinese New Year this year was nothing like the past CNY's we've experienced. No going to relatives' homes, no going back to hometown for my parents and also less angpao handed (the last one was a bliss LOL). I must admit that I quite enjoyed this type of CNY since it was so relaxing we got to spend time at home, no rushing to go here and there, and plus, it's the first time ever we're having our little cute missy here together with us, which made this CNY extra special 

5. Dealing With Hair Loss
I bet a lot of new moms experienced this too, but this surely has been one of the things that bothered me. I was kinda worried that my hair would never grow back LOL so each time I see a streak of baby hair, I got really excited and even though I looked ridiculous with so many baby hair 'standing' on top of my hair. I felt pretty :))

6.  K Turned One
And just in a year, she has mastered a lot of skills already. Name it walking, shouting, blabbering and one that she does best... talking. She surely inherited this skill well from me LOL. I was super excited to prepare for her first birthday celebration and I was glad it was quite a successful project. It would have been so good if I just blogged about it. But oh well, oh well...

7. We All Got Vaccinated
Surely was one of the good things that happened last year. And our family was all well until now, glad we didn't catch the virus until now and hopefully we will never. Ah right, we're currently waiting for our turn to get the booster vaccination. So it's all good.

8. A New Path Discovered
I decided to start a new journey that I never thought I would do in the past. I am still new and learning but I hope that this will be another good start for me and hopefully, I'll be able to share blessings and good things through this new journey. If you know, or even if you have no idea what I'm talking about, please... just pray for me, will you?

9. Phone Upgrade
Le husband got me a new phone for my birthday. I was planning to get a new one in 2022 but it's good to get it a few months in advance. This made the way into this list just because changing my phone isn't something that I do often. So, yeah...

10. A Lot of Outing
We finally got the courage to bring K out more often. We sometimes bring her to the mal (not when it's crazy packed, of course) and we also brought her to some new places that she's never been to. This year, we're going to bring her on her first flight and hopefully we'll get to explore more places together in the future. Couldn't be more excited for it!

Well well well... Those are what I could come up with at the moment. 2021 was such a slow year but how did it end so fast? Now, for the upcoming year, I do have some things in mind and I have planned a few surprises even for myself. 

I wasn't expecting this new year to be all rainbows and butterflies, but hopefully, just hopefully, I'll be able to walk this new year with a heart that is still grateful, still knowing that God is in control, and to also remember that it was not me, it's Him.

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