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Day One

"A photo of yourself and a description of how your day was."

Haha this expression of mine is stupid but I really like it. I always love candid pictures! Well this is not really a picture of only myself. My friend is in it. His name is Christian, anyway. But the main object of the picture is still me! :P

By the way, this picture was taken on October 7, 2010, during my first trip to Shenzhen, a nice city in Guangdong province, China :D

Ahem about my day, today was fun! I studied at class, of course. But again, I skipped my class haha! Today I skipped my writing class and I went back to my dorm and got to bed. I woke up exactly when my roommates, who is also my classmate, got home after finishing the class I skipped. Please, pals, please, do not try this at home :P

I had my lunch at a nice Japanese restaurant with Natalie (who is my roommate, which I mentioned before) and after that I had my Chinese Literature class at 3. Finished class on 5 and then me and Natalie went to supermarket, buying our personal needs. After that, I had my COOL (Community Of Love) fellowship until 9 and now I am doing my first day of challenge!

Maybe I was explaining my day way too detail, wasn't I? Ohh I am waiting for tomorrow, to do my next blog challenge haha! Well, this is how I act when I get over-excited.

By the way, tomorrow I am going to be on duty again as the city volunteer. I haven't have any plan on what I am going to do. I really wished tomorrow I am going to meet Yong Dae (amen!) or maybe Taufik would be great enough! Keep dreaming, Sas! 

"Yong Dae oppa, no kange saa pikchu pikchu?"

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