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Day Seven

"Your dream wedding."

Okay, I will make this simple. Because this question is about my dream wedding, not what-kind-of-person-I-wished-I-will-marry, so I will not going to talk about my type of boy or anything. Let's stay focused. I am not a party person, so a big wedding reception is not that important for me (at least, for now :P). What will really matter for me is the wedding ceremony. I dreamed of me, wearing that white dress, and I will be the queen for that one day, and he will be the king (of course). Maybe my wedding day will not be so different from what other people used to do when they got married, but I really, really wished that when the pastor says, "You may now kiss your bride.", that kiss, it will be our first kiss. Ohh, do I wish too much?

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