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Day Three

"Your idea of the perfect first date."

He came and picked me up at 6 after he was off from his work. I wore a simple white t-shirt and he was wearing a nice blue one. We went to a supermarket, buying vegetables, fruits, or maybe some sodas. We went back to my house right away after that and we began to cook.

What we cooked were just easy-to-be-cooked foods, because none of us was really good at cooking, but while we were cooking, we talked about many things. He told me how great his family was, what a great cook his Mom was and how was his working day. He also did mention his younger brothers or sisters. So did I. I told him how my day was and how Mom was sneaking behind us to see what we were doing.

Dinner time, we praised each other for being such a good cook and also being proud of the food we both made. I was laughing at his joke, not because it was funny, but just because of his silly expressions and how excited he was when he told that joke.

After dinner, we go to the nearest mini market, and got ourselves two mini cups of nice ice cream. His was Chocolate flavor while mine was Mint Chocolate Chip. We walked our way back to my home and still, talked about anything.

It was nine and he said he was going back home. I waved him goodbye and saw him as his bike was leaving. I got back to my room, changed to pajamas, had my teeth brushed. After that I sat on my bed, staring at my phone. Suddenly a message was received and it said, "I am now already home. Are you going to bed now? :)"

Oh yes, this will be perfect ♥


  1. so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet! ♥
    am praying there will be a nice and sweet guy that very loves you someday (:

  2. hakakak romantis juga yee gueee :P
    thank yoooouuu dear <3